Burnett Honors College

Promising undergraduate students who have achieved scholastic success can challenge themselves by participating in the programs offered through The Burnett Honors College.

These high-level programs are affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council, and are designed around the concept of academic excellence.

Open to both freshmen and transfer students, The Burnett Honors College consists of two distinct programs, University Honors and Honors in the Major, neither of which is mutually exclusive in that students can enroll in both programs. Students need not be enrolled in University Honors to be eligible for Honors in the Major. Honors students get assistance applying for prestigious post-graduate honors and fellowships, can take advantage of priority scheduling, and get access to specialized academic advisors and smaller, more hands-on classes.

UCF offers housing to first-year Honors students through The Honors Living Learning Community, located at Tower III in Golden Knights Plaza. These students benefit from living among fellow Honors students and having easy access to the Honors enrichment programs held in the Tower.

The Burnett Honors College accepts applications from high-achieving high school seniors applying to be freshmen (first-time-in-college) immediately following their senior year. Academically talented students identified by the UCF Undergraduate Admissions Office are often invited to apply to University Honors by The Burnett Honors College. However, any incoming first-year student interested in applying to The Burnett Honors College may request an application.