Student Care Services offers guidance, resources and referrals to UCF students who are experiencing a distressing situation that significantly impacts their academic or personal success.

College can be tough. Throw in a health issue or financial obstacle and it can become even more difficult. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. The team at SCS is here to help students identify and overcome barriers that affect their ability to be successful at UCF.

Our staff coordinates referrals to campus and community resources, develops action plans for student success, oversees the Student of Concern process, and provides education and outreach to university and community members. The goal of SCS is to intervene before a student reaches crisis level, ensuring the safety of both the student and the UCF community. SCS also oversees UCF Cares, an umbrella of care-related programs, resources and staff dedicated to fostering a caring community of Knights.

Additional Services

The Student of Concern Process allows students, staff, faculty, and UCF community members to report concerning behavior exhibited by a student. If you are aware that a student is experiencing challenges or difficulties that concern you, please report the concern using the Student of Concern Form. The entire UCF community will benefit. It is our goal to intervene before the student reaches a crisis level. Examples of concerning behavior includes but is not limited to the following: a student exhibiting behavior significantly out of character, acting peculiar (and this is cause for alarm), displaying unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior, or continuing to seem distressed despite prior referrals made.