Don’t let challenging science, technology, engineering and math courses or large class sizes intimidate you.

The EXCEL program is designed to increase success for STEM students in their first two years at UCF.

Each year EXCEL recruits just 200 students to participate in the program. So as a participant you’ll get a more intimate college experience. If you apply for UCF on-campus housing and you receive a housing agreement, you’ll get the chance to live in the EXCEL housing block and get acquainted with fellow STEM students.

Another program benefit is access to an EXCEL Center, which provides students with free math and science tutoring, and an EXCEL Academic Advisor who can assist in academic schedule planning. In spring semester of the sophomore year, EXCEL students can participate in a paid undergraduate research experience that’s supervised by EXCEL faculty. This experience opens doors to other rewarding experiences at UCF such as the Research and Mentoring Program, and the McNair Scholars Program.