Knight Graduation and Grant Initiative

Knight Graduation and Grant Initiative

We understand that sometimes things come up in life that may negatively impact your academic performance.

If your performance starts to slip and you are close to graduating, the Knight Graduation and Grant Initiative can help you out.

Focusing on students who have 18 or fewer credits left toward their undergraduate degrees, but who are experiencing difficulty and are in danger of dropping out, the initiative consists of three tiers or approaches.

Tier 1 is an overall effort to identify and push students toward graduation by encouraging them to register, apply for graduation and complete their remaining degree requirements.

The Knights Success Grant serves primarily, but not exclusively, to Tier 2 students who face financial hardships that present hurdles to registering and completing the final term or remaining classes needed to graduate. These students have already filed the intent to graduate.

A newer addition to the initiative, Tier 3 students are part of an ongoing effort at UCF to make the experience more comprehensive and complete.