UCF Gynecological Care, located in the Purple Pod of the UCF Health Center, provides preventive and acute gynecological care by certified Nurse Practitioners. The student health fee covers most gynecological services. There are additional charges for lab tests, procedures, and treatments. A student’s individual health insurance plan may cover most of the additional charges.

The gynecology clinic provides a wide array of women’s health care services, including routine gynecologic exams, contraceptive counseling, testing for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and counseling, lifestyle education and counseling, and management of certain gynecologic conditions.

Annual Well-Women visits, which include a general physical and pelvic exam, should begin by age 21, regardless of your sexual practices or preferences. If a pap smear is performed, a sample of cells from the surface and canal of the cervix is collected.

Students who are informed and aware make better decisions, and this is why we offer counseling in conjunction with our services. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request more information about STIs, diagnostic tests, protective vaccines and a variety of available contraception options, including Plan B.