Need a boost in biology or extra help in organic chemistry? Be sure to check out Supplemental Instruction. SI sessions are open to all students who want to increase their understanding of course material and improve their grades. These voluntary, peer-assisted study groups offer students a chance to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying and quiz each other before big tests

Students who attend SI sessions on a regular basis average one or more letter grades higher than those who do not attend SI. In addition to developing a better understanding of course content, you will discover more effective ways to learn it. The college-level study skills that you learn in SI will help you earn higher grades in your classes now and in the future. Attending SI sessions can also help you develop friendships with students and staff and feel a stronger connection to UCF.

SI sessions encourage students to discuss concepts and check accuracy of notes in small groups. Group learning allows interaction and practice with the course concepts in a non-threatening environment. This method of studying has proven highly successful in increasing learning speed and in earning higher grades.