The University of Central Florida does not tolerate sexual misconduct or harmful behavior that occurs on or off the UCF campus. Sexual misconduct and other harmful behavior includes sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Any and all disclosures of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously. This website describes reporting options, as well as resources and rights for students who have been victims of sexual misconduct or harmful behavior.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities provides resources to explain the options following a sexual assault or relationship violence. These include access to safety planning, reporting, counseling and longterm healing. The purpose of the resource guide is to provide a roadmap of different offices on campus, as well as local and national organizations that can assist students as they make informed decisions.

Additional Services

Together, we can work toward eliminating sexual misconduct in the UCF community. We’ve provided this comprehensive source for information about identifying, preventing, and responding to sexual misconduct including sexual assault and sexual harassment affecting members of the UCF community. We are committed to providing a safe educational, working, and living environment. IT’S ON US.