Get an edge on your academics with free tutoring from the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC). Peer tutoring sessions are provided in more than 30 subjects each semester, and we offer tutoring labs designed specifically for our student veterans and students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

UCF students can receive assistance with concepts and materials presented in class, learn the material from a different point of view, attend online tutoring sessions and learn in a group setting with other Knights. Weekly participation in SARC Peer Tutoring will increase your chances of achieving academic goals for the semester.

All SARC peer tutors are internationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and trained to facilitate learning. Students can walk in during regular tutoring hours and attend final review sessions during final exam week.

Additional Services

The Chemistry Department offers free tutoring to all University of Central Florida students taking: CHS1440, CHM1032, CHM2045, CHM2045H, CHM2046, CHM 2210 and CHM 2211. The sessions are led by our Graduate Teaching Assistants.