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The federal government recognizes many Workstudy students will not be able to work during this time. Therefore, for spring 2020 Federal Workstudy students may receive their wages for scheduled hours not worked. Paid hours should not exceed your scheduled work hours.  These guidelines have been established for Federal Workstudy students who are unable to work. If you are able to work, you may do so.  Due to funding limitations, only students who are able to resume duties with their previous employer will be able to earn Workstudy for the summer 2020 term.

For more information on your specific Workstudy situation, please contact your immediate supervisor directly. This guidance only applies to students who received Workstudy and were working prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students offered Workstudy but did not obtain employment for the Spring 2020 term may not receive any payment of Workstudy.  For the summer 2020 term, students must work to earn Federal Workstudy funds.  Supervisors have informed the Office of Student Financial Assistance which student workers will work remotely for the summer 2020 term.  Summer Workstudy awards have been posted to students’ account, if the supervisor has notified the Office of Student Financial Assistance and the student meets the requirements to receive Workstudy.