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Online Doctorate
College of Community Innovation and Education
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Drive programmatic improvement through data-driven solutions

Earn your doctorate in as little as three years with UCF Online’s Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. This fully online program prepares students to generate real-world solutions within the field of education by studying practice-based problems and using data-driven decision-making to drive resolution. Comprised of 54 to 57 credit hours, this doctoral degree program is designed for experienced educators interested in teaching at the college or university level or who want to lead program improvement in a school district, higher education, social service agencies, and more.

Our fully online Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. features core coursework in organizational contexts and the use of research to drive decision-making. Created for practicing educators, this program will help students gain advanced skills in their field, including the ability to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational and clinical programs and identify impediments to effective practice and program improvement.
  • Analyze and synthesize educational and clinical research and scholarship to identify research-based practices and solutions to complex problems of the practice.
  • Lead the change process by implementing data and evidence-based decisions and solutions.

As part of the online Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D., students must complete at least 12 credit hours of specialization courses.

Program Tracks

Gain a broad understanding of the factors impacting education and learn innovative approaches to addressing systemic problems.

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Dive into the study of psychological factors, such as cognition, motivation, and development, and their effects on learning and instruction.

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This specialization includes the study of literacy, literature and diversity, and the role of language and writing in learning across cross-disciplinary education.

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Learn how to diagnose, engage with and instruct students with disabilities using instructional techniques that complement their needs.

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This specialization will teach students about the identification, nature, and development of giftedness and creativity across diverse populations.

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Prepare to interact and engage with global and international organizations and programs such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UNESCO, international schools and more.

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Gain advanced knowledge in the areas of coaching, strength and conditioning, training, exercise science, sport and human performance enhancement.

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Dive into the science and art of designing innovative, engaging and effective training and education programs across the business industry, K-12, and higher education.

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This track will help students develop skills that allow them to conduct empirical research studies and program evaluations to answer both practical and theoretical questions, analyze data to provide essential information for successful decision making, and develop and improve a variety of measures used to better access students, clients, consumers or employees.

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Students will learn how to address the intersections of theory, research, policy and practice within the reading and literacy sector.

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This track assists social science educations in furthering their careers in K-12 teaching, curriculum and leadership roles, as well as pursue engagements at the college and university level.

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Students who choose this track will gain in-depth study and field-based experience in the research, theory and practice of second language teaching and learning.

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Gain advanced skills in the teaching, curriculum development, and implementation of learning mathematics in grades K-8.

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The Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D. program is excited to announce our new signature research area: Mindfulness and Meditation in Education. Students interested in exploring this topic, especially in relation to their professional organizational context, are invited to be a part of this research study group. Students and faculty involved in this signature research area will collaborate through innovative research projects to explore the role of mindfulness and meditation in education using cutting edge technology.

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Florida’s only online Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D. program.
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Application Deadlines

May 1

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Course Overview


This course emphasizes using theory and research in learning, development and motivation to diagnose and solve learning and motivational problems in diverse educational environments.

Identify complex problems of practice through review of sound research methodology and development of knowledge and skills in program evaluation.

The Laboratory of Practice is a field-based experience where students begin the research process. This is not a "work for credit" experience; instead, it places the student in a professional setting to gain practical leadership and research experience.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational and clinical programs
  • Identify impediments to effective practice and program improvement
  • Lead the change process through the implementation of data and evidence-based decisions and solutions.

Career Projections


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Career Opportunities

  • Curriculum Developer
  • Directors of Assessment
  • Education Specialists
  • Instructional Designers
  • Principals