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What is an UCF Online Coach?

Your online admissions and student support teams.
From application to graduation, the UCF Online Connect Center team will work with you as advocates and guides throughout your fully online academic experience at UCF. Success coaches are available to help you locate resources and create effective strategies to ensure your success.

Your connect specialist will help you get set up in the right program to meet your goals. They’ll also help you navigate the admissions process, and work in conjunction with your academic and finance advisors to prepare you to be a successful student at UCF. Once you start your first class, your connect specialist will ensure a smooth transition to your success coach.

Your success coach will be your main point of contact as you complete your program. You’ll still work directly with your academic and finance advisors on specific needs related to your academic and finance plans, and your success coach will be there as an added measure of support to collaborate on:

  • Creating strategies to keep you on track to graduate
  • Connecting you to appropriate resources for program specific support
  • Developing plans that align with your career goals

A success coach provides high-level support, coordination and guidance for UCF Online students from the time of admission through graduation. Students can contact their success coach for anything nonacademic. All academic questions should be sent to their instructor or academic advisor.

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET)
Sat: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (ET)
Closed Sundays & Holidays
Contact Us

Call Today: 855-903-8576

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Meet Your Coaches

  • Michele Morrell
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4236
  • Nastassja Schmitt
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4237
  • Angie Varona
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407)882-4242
  • Semone Baker
    Connect Specialist-Team Lead
    Ph: +1(407)8230367
  • Amanda Osorio
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407)8230537
  • Emily Asaro
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407) 823-5986
  • Saima Owens
    Success Coach-Special Tuition Programs
  • Joanie Sather
    Director, Student Coaching
  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4233
  • Johanny Santana
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4234
  • Shannon Harmon
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4239
  • Renee Montgomery
    Success Coach, Special Tuition Programs
    Ph: +1(407)882-4250
  • Natasha Williams
    Success Coach Team Lead
    Ph: +1(407)882-4241
  • Sean-Michel Dement
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4238
  • Melanie Toribio
    Success Coach
    Ph: +1(407)882-4235
  • Keisha Gibson
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407)882-4243
  • Omar Pinto
    Success Coach-Special Tuition Programs
    Ph: +1(407)882-4249
  • Monique Carter
    Success Coach Team Lead
    Ph: +1(407)882-4240
  • Barbara Busch
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407)882-4244
  • Danielle Christ
    Connect Specialist
    Ph: +1(407)882-4245