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Inspire and engage others through your creative writing skills.

You’re full of bold ideas, innovative concepts and compelling thoughts. In studying the craft of creative writing you are taking your place beside those who use language, literature and writing to shape our world.

Through UCF Online’s creative writing courses, you’ll become an expert communicator with a deep appreciation of fiction, poetry and non-fiction prose. This program will guide you through an understanding of rhetoric, communication and literary structure within a diverse array of texts. You’ll also stretch your imagination as you hone your own craft, learning how to construct poignant arguments, think critically and develop original creative content for fiction and nonfiction genres.

Written communication is one of the most enduring, flexible and sought-after skills in today’s employment landscape. With your online creative writing degree you’ll be poised for a career in a variety of fields, including law, editing and publishing, teaching, consulting and more. Get started today and earn your BA in Creative Writing.

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Course Overview

Fiction Writing Workshop

An intermediate level fiction writing workshop for English majors; group analysis and criticism; close reading of contemporary fiction and fiction theory.

Intensive writing practice in poetry. Peer critique and group discussion of original manuscripts.

Close study of style and craft in exemplary works of fiction and creative nonfiction from various time periods.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Learn how to self-edit and provide constructive feedback to others, helping you refine your writing and improve your overall craftsmanship.
  • Generate unique ideas, explore unconventional perspectives, and approach problems from various angles.
  • Cultivate your ability to gather relevant data, evaluate sources and critically assess different perspectives, which can be applied to various professional settings.

Career Projections


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Career Opportunities

  • copywriter
  • educator
  • journalist
  • playwright
  • publisher
  • technical writer
  • writer