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The History Department at the University of Central Florida offers students an excellent opportunity to cultivate analytical, reading, and writing skills while enhancing their knowledge of history and its role in today’s society. Students interested in the professions of law, education, library sciences, public history, international affairs, and public policy will find in history a valuable and rewarding learning experience. The UCF History Department is also home to the Florida Historical Quarterly.

Our online major is designed for distance students. Since the History major requirements allow for a great freedom of choice (see below), students can easily construct a degree from our online offerings.

Degree Requirements

Students must earn a C (2.0) in each history course for it to be counted towards the major.

Program of Study: 36 credit hours

Common Program Prerequisites (6 Credit Hours)

  • AMH 2010: U.S. History: 1492-1877
  • AMH 2020: U.S. History: 1877-Present

Core Requirements: Basic Level (6 credit hours)

Complete two courses from EUH 2000, EUH 2001, WOH 2012 and/or WOH 2022. Upper level AFH, ASH, EUH, LAH and WOH courses can be substituted for these requirements.

  • EUH 2000: Western Civilization I
  • EUH 2001: Western Civilization II
  • WOH 2012: World Civilization I
  • WOH 2022: World Civilization II

Core Requirements: Advanced Level (3 credit hours)

  • HIS 4150: History and Historians

Restricted Electives (21 credit hours)

Select 2 approved history classes each within 3 or 4 geographic regions (18 credit hours)

  • Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (AFH and ASH course prefixes)
  • British and Europe (EUH course prefix)
  • Latin America (LAH course prefix)
  • United States and Canada (AMH course prefix)

Select one additional upper level History elective (3 credits hours)

Capstone Requirement: 0 credit hours

  • HIS 4959: History Portfolio


As part of the requirement for HIS 4959, all History majors are required to turn in a portfolio of 8-12 examples of graded written work from UCF History classes during their final semester. For students taking online courses, whose papers are often not returned with a letter grade on them, the department will accept a copy of the submitted paper with a notation indicating the letter grade received. Students must include their HIS 4150: History and Historians paper as part of their portfolio. Portfolios should be submitted to the Main History Office (551 Colbourn Hall). Distance students unable to make it to the History Office can contact history@ucf.edu for information about other forms of submission.


The History major allows for eight upper level elective courses. Some elective choices and courses that are not in the major may not be offered online. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor regarding these electives. To obtain an advisor, please email history@ucf.edu.

Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

For additional information contact:



(407) 823-2225

Career Opportunities

  • airline pilot
  • archivist
  • campaign manager
  • congressional aide
  • educator
  • entrepreneur
  • foreign service officer
  • freelance writer
  • grant writer
  • information specialist
  • intelligence agent
  • lawyer
  • librarian
  • lobbyist
  • media specialist
  • military officer
  • photojournalist
  • political adviser
  • political consultant
  • purchasing agent
  • researcher
  • sports writer
  • technical writer

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