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Tied for #1 Online Bachelor Psychology Program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

Tailor your degree to the career that’s right for you.

Our passions and interests can span multiple fields and industries. Getting an education that allows you to explore those areas should be an option. UCF’s online Bachelor of General Studies in Integrative General Studies allows you to expand your career options and opportunities for advancement by earning a degree designed by you.

Created for students with an interest in maximum breadth, individualization and flexibility, this online general studies bachelor’s degree provides the curriculum customization that accommodates students who have prior coursework and need a flexible pathway to complete their studies. Students must have earned at least 60 credits or have transferred with an AA to declare this program with an academic advisor. Successfully complete the required two-core courses in the major and overall degree requirements and you’ll finish your bachelors in general studies.

Completing your bachelor in integrative general studies through UCF Online means you’ll be earning the same high-quality degree you would on campus with the addition of convenience doing it on your time, in your space. Combine that with access to a vast number of diverse courses and you’ll be able to build a program specific to your educational goals. Develop a meaningful path to graduation. Download our program brochure and get started today!

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Skills You'll Learn

  • Develop critical thinking and critical exploration skills.
  • Build a portfolio of diverse skills that can be applied across disciplines.

Career Projections


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Job Growth
2021 - 2031

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Career Opportunities

  • Account Executive
  • Law Clerk
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Software Designer
  • technical writer