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Tied for #1 Online Bachelor Psychology Program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

Launch your career in understanding and advocating for others

Engage in a thoughtful examination of social issues so you can discover how to interpret human behavior. When you earn your B.A. or B.S. in Sociology, you take charge of an exciting future career in professional or academic settings.

Through UCF Online, you’ll gain the critical thinking, research and analytical skills required to understand the complexities of human behavior. Courses focus on areas such as law and deviance, diversity and social inequality, crime and more. Throughout the program you’ll be challenged to broaden your appreciation of the human experience while creating innovative solutions to some of our most pressing modern problems. You’ll also complete a capstone project, allowing you to delve into data analysis, interpretation and integration.

Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to enter a career in a number of fields, including diversity training, research analysis, victim advocacy, human resources, event planning, marketing research and more. Get started today.

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Course Overview

Social Theory

Examines major theoretical perspectives in sociology, from foundational theories that contributed to the development of the discipline to today.

Application of statistical techniques to sociological data as conducted in research & writing of social scientists. Focus on the analysis & interpretation of data used by sociologists.

Sociological data collections, sampling techniques, proposal development. Critical evaluation of social research, and relationship between theory and social research.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Learn to examine social structures, institutions, and systems, and explore how they shape individual and group behaviors.
  • Design and conduct social research, collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and interpret findings.
  • Analyze and interpret social phenomena.

Career Projections


Annual Job


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2019 - 2029

Source: Lightcast™ . 2023

Career Opportunities

  • behavioral analyst
  • diversity training specialist
  • educator
  • human resources administrator
  • mental health care provider
  • public administrator
  • researcher