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Mohamed Zaki is an assistant professor of transportation engineering in the civil, environmental & construction engineering department at the University of Central Florida. Before joining UCF, Zaki was a research associate at the Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight Security at the University of British Columbia. He received his doctoral degrees at the Hardware Verification Group, Concordia University, Montreal, in 2008. Zaki’s multidisciplinary research focuses on solving tomorrow’s smart cities problems; from computing and information to its facilities infrastructure. Zaki’s studies road safety and road-users’ behavior through the automated analysis of traffic data. His recent work on the analysis of pedestrian behavior and evasive action during conflicting events opens new opportunities in understanding safety analysis of active mobility in mixed traffic facilities. The framework invokes recent findings in health science concerning the relationship between walking gait behavior and cognitive abilities. His development of computer vision software (TRAIL) for automated road safety and data collection led to many collaboration with transportation agencies in North America, Asia and Southeast Pacific. His research was featured in several media outlets including TreeHugger, New York Times, CBC and CTV. Dr. Zaki is an IEEE member and serves on the Transportation Research Board (TRB) ABJ70 Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications and ASCE Transportation Safety Committee.