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Over the last 12 months, the University expanded its remote course availability to students in response to the impacts of COVID-19 on reopening campus operations.

Traditionally, only W and V courses were open to UCF Online students. Over the Fall 2020 term however, many of our traditional campus-based classes attended in full remote mode and were relabeled in the system. That meant that there were additional courses open for UCF Online students that were not open in the past. These additional courses will continue to be offered to UCF Online students for the Summer 2021 semester.

Many of the additional options will be in V or V1 modality. UCF Online students should be aware that these courses are based on traditional campus-based instruction, so they will be a different experience than their fully online (W) courses. These temporarily remote courses may have:

  • Synchronous meeting times scheduled. Meaning that the instructors could mandate that students be online at certain dates and times for live/synchronous class meetings. Be sure to check the full class description for meeting times and days.
  • Extensive use of videos, whether live-feed or captured
  • Use of proctored exams
  • High use of webcams and online meeting spaces, such as Zoom; students must have access to and proficiencies in the use of a webcam and online meeting spaces

UCF offers students several types of courses, referred to as course modes or modalities. When you register for classes, the course description includes a modality field that will identify the type of course. Be sure to visit the Center of Distributed Learning’spage for the full definition and descriptions of all UCF course modality options.