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Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) Online

The resources provided at the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) are now available for online students at SARC Online. With course-specific modules and videos relating to courses at UCF, and tutorials designed to improve your study skills, SARC has the tools to help you succeed in earning your UCF Online degree.

Online Peer-Assisted Learning (OPAL)

OPAL sessions allow you to attend a study group with a SARC peer tutor or Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader from wherever you are. The sessions are hosted on Adobe Connect, and recordings are available for previous sessions.

Join a live OPAL Session

  1. Check the online OPAL schedule to see when the appropriate online session is occurring.
  2. When the meeting time arrives, click on the Adobe Connect link on the OPAL schedule.
  3. The meeting login screen appears. Select Enter as a Guest.
  4. Enter your full name (as it appears on myUCF) and the passcode. The passcode will be provided by your tutor or SI leader or in an email from SARC. You may also contact SARC at 407-823-5130 to obtain the passcode.
  5. Click Enter the Room. You may have to wait a moment until the OPAL facilitator accepts your request to enter the room.

Study Skills Inventory

Curious to know your study strengths and weaknesses? The College Level Study Skills Inventory will evaluate your current approaches in six critical areas: textbook reading, note-taking, memory, test preparation, concentration and time management. After the assessment, your scores will demonstrate your current skill level compared to the benchmarks for each area.

Speak to a SARC Learning Skill Consultant

If your individual scores are less than the standard benchmarks, you stand to improve in those critical areas. To formulate a plan to improve these skills, you can schedule a virtual appointment with a Learning Skill Consultant. Contact SARC for more information.


SARC records their workshops for all students to view. Topics include power studying, time management, textbook reading, note taking, and test taking. Current workshops are located on the SARC YouTube Workshop playlist.

Study Union

At the end of each semester, SARC hosts a series of review sessions before final exams. Many of these sessions are live streamed via the SARC YouTube Study Union playlist. Previous sessions are also available and can be viewed at any time.

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