Male Academic Success Initiative (MASI)

Male Academic Success Initiative (MASI)

It’s empowering to have someone on your side and nice to have a place to get advice.

The Male Academic Success Initiative is a Student Development and Enrollment Services-led program to enhance academic achievement, retention and graduation rates of male students at UCF.

Since its inception in fall 2013, the initiative has united more than 50 faculty and staff members of the UCF community, including a partnership with the Black Faculty and Staff Association, to provide academic support and mentoring for male students on campus.

The initiative has spawned the Academic Coaching and Engagement program, which supports first-time students who go on probation, and the SDES Male Mentorship Experience, which pairs male students who go through the UCF student conduct process with a faculty or staff mentor.

MASI will look to expand its focus in 2015 by developing four sub-committees including: Educational, Personal/Professional Development, Interpersonal Development and Community Services.