Create time to just be

Don’t let classes and college life stress you out. Take control with stress-reduction techniques designed to help you decrease anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and improve sleep. Visit Wellness & Health Promotion Services to discover Relaxation Stations, biofeedback, meditation classes, our Journal to Self-Discovery program and more.

As a method to manage stress, UCF offers Relaxation Stations, which help you control your heart rhythms to achieve the optimal performance zone. Relaxation Stations can help you think clearly, improve your health and guide you toward making good decisions.

If a one-on-one approach is more your speed, try our Biofeedback Assisted Relaxation Training program. Through six sessions, a biofeedback counselor will help you reduce your stress responses and replace them with automatic positive responses.

Journal to Self-Discovery is another stress-relief opportunity. It provides a safe space for you to be present and mindful while channeling your creativity. During these free weekly workshops, you will have access to paper, stickers, stamps, fabric and more.

Additional Services

The Biofeedback Assisted Relaxation Training Program is a one on one program scheduled over a six-session time period. Individual biofeedback training is provided along with educating the student in learning and implementing relaxation techniques.

This is a self-guided workshop, and we encourage students to participate every week to continue adding pages to their journal.