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Building on Our Momentum

UCF aspires to be one of the nation’s leading innovative research universities, with a focus on student success and contributing to the betterment of society. A different kind of university driven by its entrepreneurialism and optimism, UCF will not be defined by its contemporaries and rather seeks to forge a new path with the potential to be a leading metropolitan research university that will help to define the future of higher education.

Following years of growth, the university will now focus on building the critical infrastructure that will support its pursuit of excellence. UCF will have a national, and in key areas, international reputation as a new kind of metropolitan public research university that is tightly coupled with its community and can work toward quickly becoming a top 50 public national research university.

The university launched a strategic planning process in 2021 to gather input from stakeholders across our campus and community. Together, we are working to identify areas of excellence and opportunity that will help chart our path toward achieving this vision.

Summer 2021: Leadership Planning Discussions; Sept 2021: Strategic Audit; Oct 2021: Environmental Analysis; Oct 12 2021: Faculty Forums Begin; Nov 2021: Identification of Assets and Opportunities: Dec 2, 2021: BOT Retreat and Planning Workshop; Spring 2022: Review and Refine