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Program at a Glance

Online Certificate
College of Community Innovation and Education
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Design and deliver high-quality digital instruction.

Educational environments, from K-12 schools to industries and corporations, are going digital. There’s an increasing reliance on telecommunications and digital media to enrich and facilitate e-Learning. When you earn your e-Learning professional development certificate online, with a focus in web-based education, you’ll embrace new opportunities within the instructional realm.

Your graduate certificate will equip you with the skills you need to provide a robust learning environment for both young and adult learners. Through courses in e-Learning development, instructional system design, multimedia, distance education and more, you’ll graduate ready to develop high-quality, innovative e-Learning materials in a variety of virtual settings.

The e-Learning Design, Development, & Delivery certificate through UCF Online is designed for educators, trainers and instructional designers who deliver materials in K-12 schools, universities and corporate environments. Get started today and advance your instructional design journey.

International students who are in the U.S. and maintaining a U.S. Student Visa are not eligible for this program.

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Application Deadlines

December 1
April 1
July 1

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Course Overview

Instructional System Design

This course focuses on the systematic analysis and design of instruction, including task, learner, and context analyses, objectives and learner assessments, media selection, flowcharting and storyboarding.

Instruction and how it is delivered at a distance. Examines technologies, processes, and products of distance education with emphasis on e-learning.

Explores practical applications of instructional theories related to virtual and online participatory learning environments.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Implement best practices in digital and distributed course design.
  • Evaluate pedagogy as implemented across learning systems.
  • Analyze user behavior to create high impact educational materials.

Career Projections


Annual Job


Job Growth
2019 - 2029

Source: Lightcast™ . 2024

Career Opportunities

  • community college instructor
  • corporate trainer
  • curriculum consultant
  • educator
  • instructional designer
  • professional development trainer
  • technical instructor