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What does it mean to be “gifted”? How are teaching strategies for gifted students different from effective practice relevant for all students? What unique socio-emotional needs of gifted students should be considered in counseling? How can we generate creative productivity in gifted students? These questions will be addressed throughout the graduate certificate program in Gifted Education.

The Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education prepares educators and classroom teachers to meet the learning needs of diverse advanced, gifted and talented learners in a range of services while providing an accelerated and enriched curriculum.

Completion of the Gifted Education Certificate leads to an endorsement to the Florida Teaching Certificate in Gifted Education. The coursework presents research-based best practices that examine a broadened conception of giftedness, a comprehensive system of identification and a continuum of services for meeting the differential learning and developmental needs of diverse populations of gifted students.

The course work for the graduate certificate is based on the Teacher Preparation Standards in Gifted Education set by NAGC/CEC (National Association for Gifted Children and the Council for Exceptional Children). There are two levels possible within the coursework: the regular certificate level applicable to all teachers and professionals seeking specialist knowledge in gifted education; and the Advanced level that includes the Advanced Standards in Gifted Education Teacher Training applicable to those seeking higher levels of research who may already have wide experience in working with advanced, gifted and talented learners. Strategies that model best practices of pre-assessment, curriculum compacting, differentiated and independent learning, extended curriculum, and creative productivity are infused in this program.

Please note: This program may be completed online, although not all elective options or program prerequisites may be offered online. Newly admitted students choosing to complete this program exclusively via UCF online classes may enroll with a reduction in campus-based fees.

International students (F or J visa) are required to enroll in a full-time course load of 9 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters. Only 3 of the 9 credit hours may be taken in a completely online format. For a detailed listing of enrollment requirements for international students, please visit If you have questions, please consult International Affairs and Global Strategies at 407-823-2337.

Refer to State Restrictions for online programs that are currently restricted.

Career Opportunities

  • behavior analyst
  • educator
  • school administrator
  • school psychologist

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