Nonprofit Management, M.N.M.

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The School of Public Administration’s Master of Nonprofit Management (M.N.M.) is completely online and provides opportunities for students to prepare for employment or advance their careers as administrators in nonprofit management. The program is intended to produce graduates equipped with the management and analytical skills needed for successful careers in the nonprofit sector.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general university admission requirements. For consideration, applicants must provide:

  • Undergraduate transcripts with GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale) or equivalent
  • Graduate Transcripts (if another graduate degree in a related field has been completed)
  • Resume
  • A personal goal statement outlining interest in the program and future goals. This is a key component of the admission review process and serves as an example of the applicant’s ability to express him or herself in writing. The goal statement must be no longer than two pages and should address the following:
    • What is your reason for pursuing graduate study in Nonprofit Management including your future goals and plans?
    • What specific areas of Nonprofit Management interest you?
    • Nonprofit sector experience is preferred, not required.
    • What makes you a special candidate for admission to this program?
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors or professional individuals

The application, sealed transcripts and all supporting documents must be on file with UCF by the posted application deadline date.

A limited number of students who do not meet these requirements may be admitted on a provisional basis. These students must demonstrate proven nonprofit sector leadership experience, present strong recommendations from either academic or professional advisers and provide a clear statement of education goals. More specific information on provisional admissions may be obtained from the department.

Students are expected to be computer literate upon entry to the program or are expected to obtain these skills immediately upon admission to the program. This program is completely online, so computer skills are necessary to access the courses.

Non-Florida Resident Program

The department of Continuing Education is pleased to offer a special cohort program option for the M.N.M. The cohort is designed specifically for students who are not Florida residents and is offered at less than the regular non-resident tuition rate. Admission standards and degree requirements are the same as for the traditional program. For additional information about the non-Florida resident Master of Nonprofit Management Cohort Program, contact the Division of Continuing Education.

Program of Study:  36 Total Credit Hours

All courses are available in a Web-based format. Courses and credit hours used for undergraduate degrees cannot also be counted toward the M.N.M. degree.

Core Courses: 30 Credit Hours

  • PAD 5145:  Volunteerism in Nonprofit Management
  • PAD 5146:  Nonprofit Resource Development
  • PAD 5850:  Grant and Contract Management
  • PAD 6142:  Nonprofit Organizations
  • PAD 6149:  Nonprofit Administration*
  • PAD 6237:  Ethics and Governance in Nonprofit Organizations
  • PAD 6327:  Public Program Evaluation Techniques
  • PAD 6208:  Nonprofit Financial Management
  • PAD 6417:  Human Resource Management
  • PAD 6335:  Strategic Planning and Management

*This course is the capstone learning experience for the program requiring the development of a portfolio and analysis that demonstrate the student’s mastery of the NASPAA Universal Competencies.

Restricted Elective: 3 Credit Hours

This elective must be a Public Administration 6000-level course that is chosen after consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

Non-restricted Electives Option: 3 Credit Hours

For the non-restricted elective option, students take one elective course in addition to the restricted elective above with the prior approval of the program director. The elective course is to be in the student’s area of interest, such as public administration, health care, or the arts. A PAD Internship may also be used as an elective. The MNM program does not accept 400-level courses.

National Nonprofit Leadership Certification Option (6 credits):

  • Internship (3 credit hours)*
  • Elective (3 credit hours)

National Nonprofit Leadership Certificate: The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance represents the achievements of national academic and experiential standards in nonprofit management. Students pursuing the Nonprofit Leadership Certification must meet the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance mandated requirements including a 300 hour internship or documentation of employment history in the nonprofit sector. Please contact program Director Dr. Stephanie Krick for additional requirements.

*An internship is required for students with less than 300 hours of nonprofit sector experience. Students who provide documentation of at least 300 hours of experience in the nonprofit sector may have their internship waived, but must complete an approved elective (3 credit hours) in place of the internship. Work experience does not count for credit toward the MNM program.

Additional Program Requirements

Students must achieve a grade of “B-” (80%) or better in every course listed under required courses. Students must maintain a program of study and graduate status GPA of 3.0 or higher and can only graduate with a graduate status GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For additional information contact:

Mary Ann Feldheim, Ph.D.
Director, Master of Nonprofit Management Programs
Associate Professor
School of Public Administration

Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

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