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The online application form requires you to submit your full name, UCF ID, Knight’s email address, phone number, program currently enrolled in, your current GPA, and a short personal statement addressing why you are interested in the UCF Online Tuition Scholarship, and the impact that a $200 tuition support award would have on your personal and academic situation. The online application form can be found through the application form.

Once the application period closes, the UCF Online Petition Committee will review and score each application, based on an objective scoring rubric, and select five (5) undergraduate students and five (5) graduate students who will each be awarded a $200 scholarship in the Spring 2021 term.

No. Each student who meets the eligibility criteria can only apply once for the scholarship.

$200. Only one scholarship will be awarded to each winning recipient.

The deadline for application submissions is 5:00pm (EST) on Friday November 13, 2020. Apply through the application form.

The winning recipients will be notified by email from the UCF Online Petition Committee team no later than Friday December 4, 2020.

UCF’s Office of Financial Assistance will disburse the funds directly into each winning recipient’s FAFSA account. Once deposited, the Office of Financial Assistance will confirm via email with the winning recipient that the funds have been dispersed.

The scholarships are designed and intended to be used towards direct payment of the winning recipient’s program tuition for the UCF Online program they are currently enrolled in.

For more information about the UCFO Tuition Support Scholarship, please contact your UCF Online Success Coach today.