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Different degree experiences suit different people. The online degree experience suits students who like flexibility in their course of study in order to meet their life needs. The following are attributes of successful online students.

Students are familiar with basic computer competencies

The central point of interaction for students in an online degree program will be through the computer. You will need to be able to comfortably use a computer to be successful. Skills required include:

  • browsing
  • managing files
  • using word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software

Students have access to a reliable computer and internet

As the coursework for an online degree is entirely internet-based, it is important to have access to a reliable computer and internet. Additionally, you should develop a backup plan in case one – or both – of these break down. Identify areas with safe, secure wireless connections that can be your back-up emergency internet solution. It is also important to back up all school work in a safe location. UCF Online students have access to Microsoft’s OneDrive to store all their school work.

Students are able to schedule time to dedicate to coursework

The flexibility of an online degree is one of its biggest strengths – you can fit schoolwork into your busy schedule. UCF Online students have stated that scheduling a dedicated, consistent time to complete schoolwork – whether it’s early in the morning, during lunch hour, or after the kids have been put to bed – was the key to being successful in their online degree program.

Students are able to track and meet obligations, appointments and due dates

In addition to having a dedicated, consistent time to complete work, it is also important to stay on top of all assignments and their due dates. Using a digital planner or calendar can make or break your online experience. UCF Online’s learning system provides access to a calendar that displays important due dates and events. You can even import it into your preferred digital calendar so that information is with you wherever you go.

Students have confidence in writing skills

Finally, confidence in your writing skills will go a long way. The primary mode of communication with fellow students and instructors will be written. It is important to be able to write clearly so that others can understand and respond.

If you feel comfortable with these skills, an online degree program may be the right fit for you.