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A UCF Online degree offers greater flexibility than an in-person degree as it ensures that you will have a fully online course load throughout your entire degree program. While many on-campus students are offered the option to take some of their course load online, there are often requirements for these students to be on campus at a pre-determined date and time to attend class. An online degree, however, removes the need to go to campus, and ensures that you will always have the flexibility of studying online while pursuing the degree program you are in.

Online degrees from UCF also cost less than the same in-person degrees. UCF Online students are provided a waiver for some campus-based fees that reduces the cost per credit hour for courses. UCF Online undergraduate students save $33.09 per credit hour. UCF Online graduate students save $42.33 per credit hour.

In terms of instruction and rigor, UCF’s online courses are taught by the same instructors who teach in-person courses. Many online courses are blended with online degree students and in-person degree students. This structure helps to ensure that you receive the same quality education regardless of how you choose your degree experience.