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Dr. Bobby Hoffman is an Associate Professor, researcher, and author who specializes in motivation science and solving the mysteries of human behavior. As Director of the Applied Learning & Instruction, MA degree he regularly teaches courses in motivation, cognition, and human intelligence. However, he is not your typical academic. Before earning his PhD in Educational Psychology, he worked for over 20 years in HR management and performance consulting for some of the world’s most successful companies including GE, NBC, KPMG, and the NBA. He also has a MA degree in Human Resources Psychology, in addition to a Psychology BA.

Dr. Hoffman is the author of four books including his latest Hack Your Motivation, as well as Motivation for Learning and Performance, which upon release was ranked the #1 new book in Cognitive Psychology according to  Dr. Hoffman is a regular contributor to the Psychology Today website where his blog “Motivate” has been viewed over 700,000 times. He has twice served as conference chair for the American Psychological Association and once for the American Educational Research Association where he planned and coordinated all conference presentations related to motivation and cognition research.

Join over 13,000 others and follow him on Twitter at ifoundmo for daily updates on teaching, learning, leadership, and motivation.