Building Our New Culture

Institutionalizing our Collective Impact Strategic Plan means weaving it into the fabric of UCF. To do this, we must be bold and innovative — and ready to make changes to what already exists while identifying new ways to move us forward. Leaders at all levels are important in this process.

Because we believe that if there’s a better way, we should do it. Implementing and institutionalizing the plan means asking ourselves several important questions: What must we change? How are we going to do it? What outcomes should we expect? It also means all of us working together to create the greatest impact for our students and society.

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Owning Implementation

Our aim is connectivity, co-ownership and collective action. We have three levels of teams: a) cross-functional Thematic Teams, b) Metric Leaders Institutionalization Team and c) Core Support Team. The most essential teams during the implementation planning stage are the Thematic Teams that will refine strategies and develop action plans to achieve the corresponding metrics for each theme/focus area.

Departments and other units also can create or align their own plans to the Collective Impact Strategic Plan by following this template.

Thematic Team 1: Student Access, Success and Prominence
Metric Leaders: Dr. Maribeth Ehasz, Dr. Elizabeth Dooley and Dr. Jeff Jones
Thematic Team 2: Strengthening Our Faculty and Staff
Metric Leader: Dr. Jana Jasinski
Thematic Team 3: Growing Our Research and Graduate Programs
Metric Leader: Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Klonoff
Thematic Team 4: Creating Community Impact Through Partnerships
Metric Leaders: Dr. Thad Seymour, Jr., Mr. Jeffrey Moore, Dr. José Fernández and Dr. Lisa Jones
Thematic Team 5: Leading Innovation in Higher Education
Metric Leaders: Mr. Mike Morsberger, Dr. Joel Hartman and Mr. Bill Merck

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Planning and Implementation History

UCF Strategic Plan Implementation Timeline
UCF Strategic Plan Implementation Timeline

Strategic Plan Execution Timeline

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