Scale and Excellence

The powerful combination of these values has guided UCF’s mission since its founding in 1963, and it will lead us into the next 20 years. We are an institution that proves big can be good, and become even better.

Amplifying excellence through scale means that we will have a greater impact on the students and community we serve. We believe in harnessing the strength of our size — our resources, our student body, our technology, our educational pathways and more — with a constant pursuit of excellence to create a positive, lasting benefit that resonates on a global scale.

Unified, these values drive our promises to our students and our community, push boundaries to solve big problems and unleash our massive potential to change the world — one degree and one life at a time.

Our Impact

We use the power of scale and the pursuit of excellence to solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges and to make a better future for our students and society. Through learning, discovery and partnerships, we transform lives and livelihoods.

Our Promises

The Collective Impact Strategic Plan is based on five bold promises to our students and the community we serve.

Each promise is critical to our mission and how we measure our success as a model for 21st-century higher education.

Harness the power of scale to transform lives and livelihoods. While universities have wrestled with the presumed choice between size and quality, UCF focuses its mission on serving the unique needs of our region — which demand scale and quality. Focusing the strength of our numbers and combined abilities empowers UCF to transform lives.

Attract and cultivate exceptional and diverse faculty, students and staff whose collective contributions strengthen us. We believe that innovation comes from the meeting of diverse viewpoints, and that none of us is smarter than all of us. We know our university is an outstanding place to learn and work, and we must make UCF a magnet for the best and brightest talent across the nation and globe.

Deploy our distinctive assets to solve society’s greatest challenges. We want to leverage our unique strengths in our research, faculty, students, location and partners to solve today’s and tomorrow’s issues. Making the world a better place is a big job — it requires a big university with people in different areas working together to make discoveries and solve problems.

Create partnerships at every level that amplify our academic, economic, social and cultural impact and reputation. UCF is heavily involved in the social and economic development of Central Florida and plays a key role in improving the health and wellbeing of the region. By creating partnerships, we create common goals and common ground both locally and globally.

Innovate academic, operational and financial models to transform higher education. Our success is no secret. We believe if there’s a better way, we should do it. By utilizing new technology and developing creative methods to increase learning, retention and student success, UCF is able to reach large numbers of students to transform their lives and the lives of their families for generations to come.

Our Charges

While the Collective Impact Strategic Plan spans many areas across the university, we believe UCF will become the recognized leader among 21st-century universities for our transformational impact, which we will measure by these 5- and 20-year objectives:

  • Lead large Florida metropolitan areas in percentage of bachelor’s degree attainment in five years, reaching the top quartile nationally by 2035
  • Double national and international recognition of faculty and student excellence by 2021, and quadruple recognition by 2035
  • Double research awards in five years and become a top 50 research university by 2035
  • Generate $10 billion in economic, social and cultural impact, growing to $25 billion by 2035
  • Attract $100 million in new funding from sources other than students, families and taxpayers, becoming 20 percent of total educational funding by 2035