Strategy Map (download pdf version)

The current strategic plan for UCF is shown on the following “strategy map.” Additional information regarding specific goals, programs and initiatives may be found in supporting divisional, departmental and unit-level planning documents. If interested in this more detailed information, please contact the respective unit(s) directly.

Since strategic planning is viewed as an interactive and evolving process, UCF’s strategic plan will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed by the university’s leadership team. UCF’s strategic planning efforts are coordinated by university leadership and the UCF Board of Trustees. The UCF Board of Trustees maintains a Strategic Planning Committee that works with the university-level Strategic Planning Committee. Additionally, the Faculty Senate has a Strategic Planning Council, which coordinates and collaborates in UCF’s strategic planning efforts.

UCF’s Strategic Planning Commission will conduct the review in support of the Provost and Executive Vice President, and proposed changes will be presented to the President and university leadership, the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees as part of the approval process.