Writing Style Guide

UCF Communications and Marketing follows the writing guidelines in the Associated Press Stylebook for stories unless otherwise noted here. This reference is not intended to be a duplication of that guide, but a supplement for style, consistency, spelling and terms often encountered around the university. Please send comments or suggestions for this evolving reference to Gene Kruckemyer at gene.kruckemyer@ucf.edu.

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A&P Administrative and Professional employment classification. Acceptable on first reference for stories on campus but spell out the name in the story.

abbreviations and acronyms Avoid turning stories into alphabet soup. Universities have many buildings, courses, organizations, clubs, programs and titles that often are shortened for casual use, but generally spell them on first reference. It is not necessary to follow a full name with an abbreviation in parentheses; if an abbreviation on second reference is not clear on its own, don’t use it. It is often more clear on second reference to say the department or the organization or use some other identifier rather than use unfamiliar abbreviations and acronyms. Some abbreviations, however, have become so universally known that they stand alone, such as NCAA, SAT, GPA, ROTC and others, that can be used on first reference.

academic degrees The preferred form is to use bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in place of abbreviations. Also acceptable without a possessive in this style: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science.
Abbreviations can be used when the use of full terms would be cumbersome, as in a list of people. To abbreviate, use periods and no spaces between letters, such as B.S. (Bachelor of Science) or M.A. (Master of Arts). For degrees with three or more capital letters, such as MBA or MFA, omit the periods. The word degree does not follow a degree abbreviation.
An Associate of Arts is a two-year post-secondary degree offered by colleges. For students who transfer to UCF, the degree serves as the first two years of work for a bachelor’s degree. Associate degree is not possessive.
If mention of degrees is necessary to establish someone’s credentials, the preferred form is to use a phrase such as: John Jones, who has a doctorate in psychology.
Use such abbreviations as B.A., M.A.,and Ph.D. only when identifying many individuals by degree on first reference would make the preferred form cumbersome. Use these abbreviations only after a full name – never after just a last name.
When used after a name, an academic abbreviation is set off by commas: John Snow, Ph.D., spoke.
See Ph.D.

academic departments Capitalize as part of an official name as in Department of Political Science and Department of History, but lowercase when referring to them generically as in the political science department or history department.

academic titles Capitalize and spell formal titles (president, provost, dean, chancellor, vice president) when they precede a name: Dean Abe Pizam. Lowercase titles elsewhere, such as: Abe Pizam, dean. When used as descriptors, lowercase titles when they identify something else: dean’s list, provost’s office. Do not abbreviate assistant or associate.

See professor.

accents Use tildes and other accent marks when spelling proper names and other words as needed. Depress control and apostrophe keys while typing the vowels for á, é, í, ó and ú.

            For ñ, depress the Alt key and type numbers 164 on the right side of the keyboard.
            For ü, type Alt 0252.

accreditation UCF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, master’s, specialist and doctoral levels. SACSCOC reaffirmation of accreditation is on a ten-year schedule. UCF was initially accredited in 1970 and was last reaffirmed in 2016 as a Level VI institution.

There is no reason to qualify accreditation: fully-accredited

ACT Use only the initials when referring to the previous American College Testing.


administration Lowercase and spelled out unless part of a proper name. Do not use admin.

advisor Varies from AP’s adviser.

African American

Alafaya Trail UCF’s main entrances are along this roadway, also known as State Road 434.

            (See roads entry for main roadways in and around the university.)

alma mater

alum(s) Avoid use of this slang.

alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus

            alumna – a woman who has attended UCF (alumnae is the plural)

            alumni – a group of men and women collectively

            alumnus – a man who has attended UCF (alumni is the plural)

            These terms also can refer to people who attended the university, but did not graduate.

alumni association Capitalize only if part of a proper name. (See UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving.)

American Association of State Colleges and Universities

American Athletic Conference Use American or the conference on second reference. Do not abbreviate as AAC.

America’s Partnership University and America’s Leading Partnership University UCF trademarks registered in 2013.

Anheuser-Busch Beer & Wine Lab Classroom at Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Aramark UCF food-service provider.

Arboretum Capitalize when referring to the set-aside natural area on the east side of campus that provides research, education and outreach opportunities.

Association of American Universities Use AAU or the association on second reference.

Associate of Arts (See academic degrees.)

AutoNation Cure Bowl Football bowl game that supports breast cancer research at UCF.



baccalaureate The degree of bachelor conferred by universities and colleges; a sermon to a graduating class, or the service at which this sermon is delivered.

bachelor’s degree (See academic degrees).

Barbara Ying Center

Barnes & Noble bookstores on campus.

Blackstone LaunchPad

Blended Learning Toolkit Resource materials for blended-learning courses created by UCF and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Board of Governors Capitalize when referring to the State University System’s board. Use board on second reference instead of BOG, unless it would need to be distinguished from other boards mentioned in a story. The panel that oversees operation and management of the State University System of Florida. Use board on second reference. The board has 17 members, fourteen of whom are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate for a term of seven years. Other members are the chair of the Advisory Council of Faculty Senates, the commissioner of education, and the chair of the Florida Student Association.

Board of Trustees Capitalize when referring to the UCF board. Use board on second reference instead of BOT, unless it would need to be distinguished from other boards mentioned in a story. When writing stories that only mention UCF’s board, it is not necessary to precede the name with UCF. Each state university has a 13-member panel responsible for budgeting, implementing programs and maintaining education standards. The governor appoints six members and the Board of Governors appoints five; all are subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate and serve a term of five years. The remaining two members are the chair of the Faculty Senate or its equivalent, and the president of the student body of the university.

Brevard Community College Now called Eastern Florida State College.

BRIDG Acronym for Bridging the Innovation to Development Gap, a consortium led by UCF, Osceola County, and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council to conduct research on next-generation sensors. Formerly the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research.

Bright House Networks Stadium Former name of Spectrum Stadium; officially changed April 2017.

building numbers Use Roman numerals when identifying buildings that have the same name: Classroom Building I and Classroom Building II.

buildings Capitalize the official name of buildings on first reference, but lowercase in subsequent generic usage. Nicholson Fieldhouse, John C. Hitt Library, the fieldhouse, the library. The main campus updated building names in 2013. A master list of all building names is at http://www.rm.fs.ucf.edu/crosswalk/

Burnett Honors College, The Precede the name with capitalized The, which is part of the official name.

Burnett House UCF president’s residence on campus.



Carl Black & Gold Cabana Specialty seating area in Bright House Networks Stadium

catalog Not catalogue.

Centi$ible Knight$ A program to help students stave off debt.

Center for Distributed Learning

Center for Success of Women Faculty

Central Florida Do not use as a name for the university.
            Capitalize when referring to the region. Also, South Florida, North Florida.

Central Florida Future The former independent, off-campus, student-written newspaper that shut down in August 2016 after 48 years.

Central Florida Research Park

¢ent$ible Knight$ A financial-literacy program for students. (To make the ¢ symbol, hold down the ALT key, type in 0162, release ALT key. Might need to change the size to be comparable to the letters.) 

CFE Arena Official name of the UCF arena, which hosts basketball games, commencement ceremonies, concerts and other events. Stands for Central Florida Educators’ Federal Credit Union.

chairman, chairwoman Capitalize as a title before a name. Do not use chair, chairperson or co-chair unless it is an organization’s formal title for an office. The collective use is chairs.

cities If there may be confusion over the location of a city mentioned in a story – such as Hollywood or Naples – include the state name: Hollywood, Florida.

            These U.S. cities should not be followed by a state name: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, New York City, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tallahassee, Tampa, Washington*

            *If unclear whether referring to District of Columbia or state of Washington, use: Washington, D.C.

             These international cities should not be followed by a country name: Amsterdam, Baghdad, Bangkok, Beijing,            Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Djibouti, Dublin, Geneva, Gibraltar, Guatemala City, Havana, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Islamabad, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kuwait City, London, Luxembourg, Macau, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Monaco, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New Delhi, Panama City, Paris, Prague, Quebec City, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Marino, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vatican City, Vienna, Zurich

Citronaut An early unofficial mascot of Florida Technological University.

class/course titles Capitalize specific classes and those with numerals, and italicize formal course titles: Evolution of Dance, Biology II, Journalism 3100. Lowercase as a general reference: dance class, biology.

class standings Lowercase designations of sophomore, junior and senior. Try to avoid using freshman because it is a sexist term; use first-year student instead.

Clery Act Acceptable in all references for the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, which requires colleges and universities participating in federal student-aid programs to disclose campus safety information.

Clinton Global Initiative University A consortium of colleges and universities that provides seed funding to student leaders and entrepreneurs working on solutions to world challenges. UCF is a member of the network.

coed Avoid this term to mean a female student. The term is acceptable to use when describing coeducational institutions. No hyphen.

COHPA Acronym for College of Health and Public Affairs. Acceptable on first reference only when the story is intended for the university community; spell out the name of first reference in other stories when used. (This is the only college-name acronym that people on campus tend to say as a word.)

college Lowercase unless part of a formal name for a specific college: College of Business Administration. Avoid use as a synonym for university.

colleges UCF has 13 colleges:

            College of Arts and Humanities

            College of Business Administration

            College of Education and Human Performance (formerly College of Education)

            College of Engineering and Computer Science

            College of Graduate Studies

            College of Health and Public Affairs

            College of Medicine

            College of Nursing

            College of Optics and Photonics (see CREOL)

            College of Sciences

            College of Undergraduate Studies

            Rosen College of Hospitality Management (Rosen or Rosen College on second reference)

            The Burnett Honors College

Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF Also known as Hack@UCF. (Varies from AP spelling of cyberdefense, cybersecurity, etc.)

commencement Preferred term for the event instead of graduation.

Communication Disorders Clinic

Communications and Marketing Formerly known as Strategy, Marketing, Communications and Admissions.

Conference USA C-USA acceptable on second reference, headlines and display type.

Counseling and Psychological Services

CREOL Acronym for Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers, one of the research centers in the College of Optics and Photonics. Acceptable on first reference but spell out the name in the story. CREOL is often used on campus as the name of the college because of its cachet within the industry, but stories should make clear that CREOL is part of the college. Other research centers in the college are the Florida Photonics Center of Excellence, Townes Laser Institute, and Institute for the Frontier of Attosecond Science and Technology.

cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude

curriculum vitae A summary of one’s personal history and professional qualifications.



dates Always spell out months when used with a date, except in On Campus (Pegasus) or when used stylistically as part of an ad or promoted event listing.

dean’s list

department, division, center Capitalize as part of a formal name. Lowercase for other uses. Department of Philosophy, the political science department.

DeVos Sport Business Management Program

dictionary Use Merriam-Webster as the official Communications and Marketing dictionary at http://www.merriam-webster.com/.

DirectConnect to UCF Program that guarantees admission to UCF with an associate degree from one of the university’s partner colleges: College of Central Florida, Daytona State College, Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College of Florida, and Valencia College. No space between Direct and Connect, and always use full name.

disabled, handicapped In general, do not use these terms to describe someone unless it is pertinent to a story. If a description of an illness or condition is needed, use language that is specific and refers to the person first and the disability second: Sara, who has multiple sclerosis, works at the cafeteria. Don’t use descriptions that connote pity, such as afflicted with or suffers from. For a more comprehensive list, visit the National Center on Disability and Journalism’s style guide: ncdj.org/style-guide.

doctoral is an adjective; doctorate is a noun. He earned his doctoral degree. He earned his doctorate.

Dr. Reserve this title for medical doctors.

Duke Energy University Welcome Center Formerly the Progress Energy University Welcome Center.



E2i Creative Studio

Eastern Florida State College Formerly Brevard Community College.

East Side Club Florida-themed social area and lounge at Bright House Networks Stadium.

email, emailed and emailing.

email addresses Use lowercase letters and a put a period afterward if the address is at the end of a sentence.

emeritus (for a man), emerita (for a woman), emeriti (plural)

English Language Institute Formerly the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies. The university’s provider of English-language programs for international students and professors.

exempt / nonexempt The federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers classify jobs as exempt or nonexempt. Exempt positions are typically executive, supervisory, professional or outside sales positions excluded from minimum wage, overtime regulations, and other rights provided to nonexempt workers. Employers must pay a salary rather than an hourly wage for a position to be exempt.
            Nonexempt employees are not exempt from FLSA requirements and must be paid at least the federal minimum wage and given overtime pay.

experiential learning



faculty Lowercase when not part of a title. The Faculty Senate, the faculty met to vote. If not cumbersome to the sentence, refer to faculty members instead of faculty.

FAFSA Spell out first reference for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

FAIRWINDS Capitalize as in FAIRWINDS Alumni Center, FAIRWINDS Credit Union and other uses. FAIRWINDS is UCF’s student banking partner.

farmers market Produce on the Patio is the name of the UCF farmers market.

FCAT Acceptable on first reference, but spell out Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test somewhere in the story.

FERPA Spell out first reference for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Ferrell Commons

FIEA Acceptable on a first reference, but spell out Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in the story.

First Generation Program

First Lady Martha Hitt Acceptable to use in stories intended for university purposes when referring to the wife of university President John C. Hitt. Otherwise identify her as the wife of the president.

Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center

Florida College System Florida has 28 state colleges that are under the direction of the Florida Department of Education. Many have dropped “community college” from their name.

            Broward College, Fort Lauderdale

            Chipola College, Marianna

            College of Central Florida, Ocala

            Daytona State College, Daytona Beach

            Eastern Florida State College, Cocoa

            Florida Gateway College, Lake City

            Florida Keys Community College, Key West

            Florida SouthWestern State College  , Fort Myers

            Florida State College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville

            Gulf Coast State College, Panama City

            Hillsborough Community College, Tampa

            Indian River State College, Fort Pierce

            Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg

            Miami Dade College, Miami

            North Florida Community College, Madison

            Northwest Florida State College, Niceville

            Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth

            Pasco-Hernando State College, New Port Richey

            Pensacola State College, Pensacola

            Polk State College, Winter Haven

            Santa Fe College, Gainesville

            Seminole State College of Florida, Sanford

            South Florida State College, Avon Park

            St. Johns River State College, Palatka

            St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg

            State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, Bradenton

            Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee

            Valencia College, Orlando

Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities Composed of UCF, University of South Florida and Florida International University.

Florida High Tech Corridor and Florida High Tech Corridor Council

Floridan Aquifer

Florida Technological University Original name of UCF. FTU was created June 10, 1963, by the Florida Legislature. Classes began in 1968; the university changed its name to UCF in 1978.

Founders’ Day Not Founders Day or Founder’s Day.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Office building on campus.



game day Unless referring to a proper name such as ESPN GameDay.

Global Perspectives Office 

Global UCF A program for international students.

goals President John C. Hitt set five goals in 1992 that define UCF’s course:

  1. Offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida.
  2. Achieve international prominence in key programs of graduate study and research.
  3. Provide international focus to our curricula and research programs.
  4. Become more inclusive and diverse.
  5. Be America’s leading partnership university.

Golden Knights Do not use this outdated nickname for UCF athletic teams.

Gordon Rule A Florida requirement for college and university students to complete at least four courses of writing and two courses of mathematics.

GPA Acceptable on all references for grade-point average.

grades Place single quotation marks around grade letters: She earned an ‘A’ in history.

Graduate Record Examination GRE on second reference.

graduated from Do not drop from: Jones graduated from the university.

graduate school Lowercase unless part of a proper name.

graduation honors Lowercase cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

graduation year In stories that mention an alumni’s year of graduation, use an apostrophe and year in this style: John Smith ’12 announced his candidacy Monday. In Pegasus, bold name and class year: John Smith ’12 announced his candidacy Monday. Only list multiple class years in author bios, in AlumKnights and in feature copy text. Do not include periods or spaces: Jeffrey Billman ’01 ’10MA.

grant-in-aid, grants-in-aid

Greek, Greeks Capitalize when referring to fraternity and sorority organizations, which take their names from Greek letters.

GrowFL The Florida Economic Gardening Institute, which is based at UCF.



Hack@UCF See Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF

Harris Corporation Engineering Center

health care


Hitt, John C. UCF’s president. Use title and full name on first reference; capitalize President if before name. Hitt on second reference. (Many on campus refer to him as Dr. Hitt, but President is the appropriate title to use in print.)

Homecoming Capitalize when referring to UCF’s annual event.

Housing and Residence Life

housing sites operated by UCF

            Apollo, Hercules, Nike, Lake Claire, Libra and Neptune communities.

            NorthView, Towers at Knights Plaza, Rosen College Apartments, Knights Circle and The Pointe at Central apartments.

Howard Phillips Hall



ICubed Acceptable on first reference for Innovation through Institutional Integration, a National Science Foundation-funded project that partners with several UCF colleges to fund projects in STEM fields. Spell out complete name high in story.

IGNITE The university campaign to raise $500 million by June 2019 to support student success, academic excellence and special projects.

Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport

Institute for Simulation and Training

instructor A non-tenured faculty rank. Lowercase in all usages.

intermural, intercollegiate, intramural  Competitive teams from different universities are intermural or intercollegiate. Competitive teams at a single community or institution are intramural.


International Affairs and Global Strategies

Intracoastal Waterway  



Jay Bergman Field

John C. Hitt Library

John T. Washington Center, John T. Washington Center Breezeway

Joust New Venture Competition



Kennedy Space Center Spell out first reference and use KSC elsewhere.

Kiplinger / Kiplinger’s Kiplinger is the financial-advice company. Kiplinger’s magazine is the acceptable style to use for the company’s Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine that publishes an annual list of the best values among colleges and universities.

Knightly News A student-produced, cable TV news broadcast.

KnightNews.com An independent, online news source.

Knightro The athletic teams’ mascot. (Glycerin was Knightro’s former female counterpart.)

Knightro’s The campus residential restaurant near the CFE Arena.

Knights The university’s athletic team name.

Knights Plaza Athletic village and shopping center.

Knight-Thon A student-organized dance marathon and other philanthropic events held to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.



Lake Claire and Lake Claire Recreation Area

Lake Nona Site of the College of Medicine.

Lake-Sumter State College

land–grant university The Morrill Land Grant College Act of 1862 was designed to encourage states to establish agricultural and mechanical arts universities. The State University System’s land grant institutions are UF and FAMU.

Latino Faculty and Staff Association LaFaSA on second reference.

Latinx A gender-inclusive way of referring to people of Latin American descent.

LEAD Scholars Acceptable on first reference but spell out program name early in the story. Stands for Leadership Enrichment and Academic Development.

lectern A speaker stands behind a lectern, in a pulpit, and on a podium, rostrum or dais.

LEED Acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Acceptable on first reference but spell out the name in the story.

Legislature Capitalize when referring to the Florida Legislature even when not preceded by Florida.

LGBTQ+ Services Resource office for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning/Queer issues.

Light Up UCF

Limbitless Solutions Nonprofit organization started by students to create 3-D printed arms for children missing limbs. The group has developed other engineering projects for medical causes.

Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy Acceptable on first reference for Lockheed Martin/University of Central Florida Academy for Mathematics and Science.

Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government This office at UCF along with the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida make up the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, a civic-education partnership.

Lynx Central Florida’s regional transportation system. Not LYNX.



majors Do not capitalize majors, programs, specializations, or concentrations of study if they are not part of an official department name or title. He majored in history.

Market Day Held each Wednesday on the patio adjacent to the Student Union for student organizations and vendors to promote products, causes or services.

Marriage and Family Research Institute

master’s degree (See academic degrees.)

Medical City Acceptable on first reference for the developing area at Lake Nona that includes the UCF College of Medicine; Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute; Orlando VA Medical Center; Nemours Children’s Hospital, Orlando; and the University of Florida’s Research and Academic Center. The official name of the UCF presence at Lake Nona is the UCF Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona, but use only when needed for clarification.

Memory Mall

Metro Center Outlook A WUCF TV news program.

Michelle Akers Alumni Award Presented to outstanding graduates; named after the UCF graduate, Olympic gold medalist and professional athlete.


million, billion Use figures with the words million or billion. Use decimals to show fractions ($2.5 million). Don’t go beyond two decimal places. Do not use a hyphen. It was a $2 million building.

MOOC Acronym for massive open online courses. Spell out on first reference.

Morgridge International Reading Center  

Multicultural Academic and Support Services

myUCF The site for faculty, staff and students’ personalized  information and applications.


NanoScience Technology Center

National Center for Forensic Science

National Consortium for Academics and Sports

National Merit Scholarship Program and National Merit Scholar

NCAA Acceptable in all references for National Collegiate Athletic Association.

News and Information The primary media and public relations office for UCF.

Nicholson Fieldhouse

Nicholson School of Communication

NID Network Identification number (from Network Identification).

NorthView Student housing complex on the northern edge of campus.



Office of Diversity and Inclusion Formerly the Office of Diversity Initiatives.

Office of Institutional Equity Formerly the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs.

ONE Central Florida A WUCF TV magazine-style show.

OPS Abbreviation for Other Personal Services employment classification. Acceptable on first reference but spell out the name in the story.

Orlando Tech Center




page When referencing page numbers, capitalize and spell out: To read more, see Page 44.

Park and Ride A campus service in conjunction with the campus shuttles.

PBS Acceptable in all uses for Public Broadcasting Service.

PCard Acceptable on first reference for procurement card when used in publications intended for university purposes. Spell out in the story.

Pegasus The official symbol for UCF.

Pegasus Not Pegasus Magazine.

percent Spell out in body type; use symbol in headlines, graphs and as a design element.

Ph.D., Ph.D.s The preferred form is to say a person holds a doctorate and name the area of specialty. The abbreviation is acceptable for doctor of philosophy only when names are listed but not as part of running copy.

phone numbers Use area code and hyphens, not parentheses and/or periods: 407-555-1234.

PID Personal Identification number (from Personal Identification).

Pineapple Ball, The An annual event hosted by the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at which new members are inducted into the Central Florida Hospitality Hall of Fame.




presidents UCF’s presidents:

            Charles N. Millican, 1965-78

            Trevor Colbourn, 1978-89

            Steven Altman, 1989-91

            John C. Hitt, 1992-present

President’s Honor Roll

President’s Leadership Council Group of students selected by the university president to serve as advisors and official ambassadors.

Pride Commons

professor Capitalize and do not abbreviate as a title before a name. Capitalize and do not abbreviate assistant or associate when used with the title before a name. (These capitalizations vary from AP.) Capitalize Professor Emeritus as a title before a name.



Quadrangle Office park west of UCF and north of University Boulevard.



Recreation and Wellness Center

Reflecting Pond Not Reflecting Pool, Reflection Pond or the Fountain.

regional campuses (11) Altamonte Springs, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Leesburg, Ocala, Palm Bay, Sanford/Lake Mary, South Lake, Valencia East, Valencia Osceola, Valencia West. (See UCF Connect)

            Distinct from the regional campuses are several off-site locations from the main Orlando campus, including: Center for Emerging Media, Executive Development Center, Florida Solar Energy Center, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, and Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona.

residence hall Preferred term instead of dorm or dormitory.

resident assistant Not residents’ or resident’s assistant.

roads Road names on and near the main campus. A master list of all campus addresses is at www.rm.fs.ucf.edu/crosswalk/default.aspx.

            Alafaya Trail (also known as State Road 434)

            Andromeda Loop

            Aquarius Agora Drive

            Ara Drive

            Centaurus Boulevard

            Central Florida Boulevard

            (UCF’s main address is 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL 32816)

            East Plaza Drive

            Gemini Boulevard

            Greek Court

            Greek Park Drive

            Home Run Court           

            Hydra Lane

            Knights Victory Way

            Lake Claire Way

            Leo Lane

            Libra Drive

            Lockwood Boulevard           

            McCulloch Road

            Mensa Lane

            North Orion Boulevard

            Pegasus Drive

            Perseus Loop

            Pictor Lane

            Pyxis Lane

            Research Parkway

            Scholarship Drive

            Scorpius Street

            Technology Parkway

            University Boulevard

            Ursa Minor

            West Plaza Drive

Robinson Observatory

room numbers When referencing room numbers, capitalize and spell out: The meeting is in Room 23.

ROTC Acceptable in all references for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. There are two branches at UCF: Air Force and Army.



’63 South The campus residential restaurant in Ferrell Commons.

SAT Use only the initials when referring to the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Do not use a comma in scores.

School of Visual Arts and Design A merged partnership of the former art and digital media departments.

semesters Lowercase fall, spring and summer semesters as in spring semester, fall 2014 semester.

Seminole State College of Florida Seminole, Seminole State or Seminole State College are acceptable on second reference. The college prefers not to use SSC. Another Seminole State College is in Oklahoma.


SGA Abbreviation for Student Government Association. Acceptable on first reference but spell out the name in the story.

Siemens Energy Center

slogans Some of UCF’s slogans through the years:

            Accent on the Individual

            America’s Leading Partnership University

            America’s Partnership University

            Reach for the Stars

            UCF Stands For Opportunity

Southeastern Conference SEC on second reference.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools SACS on second reference.

Spectrum Stadium UCF’s football stadium; name changed from Bright House Networks Stadium in April 2017.

spring break

staff member(s) If not cumbersome to the sentence, refer to staff members instead of staff.

State University System of Florida Comprised of 12 institutions:

            Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida A&M, FAMU Tallahassee

            Florida Atlantic University, FAU Boca Raton

            Florida Gulf Coast University, FGCU Fort Myers

            Florida International University, FIU Miami

            Florida Polytechnic University, FPU Lakeland

            Florida State University, FSU Tallahassee

            New College of Florida, NCF Sarasota

            University of Central Florida, UCF Orlando

            University of Florida, UF Gainesville

            University of North Florida, UNF Jacksonville

            University of South Florida, USF Tampa

            University of West Florida, UWF Pensacola

STEM Acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Acceptable to use on first reference, but spell out someplace in the story.

The STEAM initiative adds ‘A’ to incorporate Art with STEM fields.

Strategy, Marketing, Communications and Admissions Previous name of Communications and Marketing.

Student Academic Resource Center


Student Care Services Formerly the Student of Concern Process and Case Management.

Student Development and Enrollment Services




TeachLivE Lab Mixed-reality classroom of simulated students that provides situations for teachers to develop educational practices. 

TEFL Abbreviation for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Spell out first reference for this degree.

TESOL Abbreviation for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Spell out first reference for this degree.

theatre/theater Use theatre when referring to a program, students or the craft. Use theater when referring to a venue. For proper nouns, use the spelling preferred by the organization. Varies from AP.

times Use this style:

            10:30 a.m. (colon separating hours and minutes; lowercase a.m.)

            2 p.m. (unnecessary to use 2:00 p.m.)

            8-10 a.m.

            10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

            noon and midnight (instead of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m.)

titles Italicize books, movies, plays, songs, works of art, courses, lectures, etc.

™ or ® The trademark and registered symbols are not needed in stories when referring to brand names licensed by the university.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl UCF defeated Baylor University, 52-42, on Jan. 1, 2014, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. Fiesta Bowl on second reference.

Townes Laser Institute



UCF Abroad The university office that provides access to study-abroad programs.

UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Formerly UCF Alumni Association. UCF Alumni on second reference.

UCF Athletics Uses a singular verb: UCF Athletics has, UCF Athletics needs.

UCF Connect Division that includes the university’s 11 regional campuses, DirectConnect to UCF, continuing and corporate education, personal enrichment, and opportunities for faculty consulting. Formerly Regional Campuses.

UCF Downtown The term that refers to UCF’s campus downtown, but lowercase downtown Orlando.

UCF Foundation Acceptable in all references for University of Central Florida Foundation Inc., the official fund-raising and gift beneficiary for the university.

UCF Health Two clinics operated by the College of Medicine at Lake Nona and on University Boulevard near UCF.

UCF Libraries The inclusive name for all of the university’s libraries – John C. Hitt Library, Rosen Library, etc.

UCF Stands For Opportunity Capitalize all three words in the UCF slogan.

UCF Student Health Services Formerly UCF Health Services.

undergraduate A student who has not earned a degree.

United Faculty of Florida UFF on second reference for the faculty union.

university Lowercase unless part of a proper name.

University Innovation Alliance Composed of UCF, Arizona State University, Georgia State University, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Oregon State University, Purdue University, The Ohio State University, University of California at Riverside, University of Kansas, and The University of Texas at Austin.

University of Central Florida Spell out in first reference for public publications, and use UCF or the university on second reference. For in-house publications it is acceptable to use UCF on first reference. Do not: abbreviate any of the words, use periods or spaces, or use the term Central Florida.

University Press of Florida Official book publisher for the State University System.

upperclassmen Avoid use of sexist and elitist term.

Upstarts Student Venture Accelerator

U.S. News & World Report

USPS University Support Personnel System employment classification. Acceptable on first reference but spell out the name in the story.



Valencia College Valencia acceptable on second reference.

Venue, The Facility adjacent to the CFE Arena for concerts, sports, banquets, trade shows, etc.

Veterans Academic Resource Center

Veterans Commemorative Site On the south end of Memory Mall.

VPK Acceptable to use abbreviation on first reference for Voluntary Prekindergarten Program on first reference, but spell out in the story.



War on I-4 Athletic rivalry series created by UCF and USF.

Wayne Densch Center for Student-Athlete Leadership

Wayne Densch Sports Center

website Use all lowercase letters, even when containing a title or an acronym. Do not use www. In the address: cohpa.ucf.edu.

White Coat Ceremony College of Medicine tradition of welcoming first-year medical students as colleagues in health care.

Whittaker, Dale Provost and executive vice president. Use title and full name on first reference; capitalize Provost and Executive Vice President if before name. Whittaker on second reference.

-wide No hyphen in campuswide, citywide, countywide, nationwide, statewide, universitywide, worldwide.

Women’s and Gender Studies

WUCF-FM With hyphen.

WUCF TV Without hyphen.