As Knights, including a high-achieving incoming freshman class, prepare for another important semester at UCF, they looked forward to the future. Here, students, faculty, and staff from UCF’s main, downtown, Rosen College and College of Medicine campuses shared what they’re looking forward to, whether at the university or in their career paths.

“Future Engineer” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Yoharic Colina Escalante
Major: Civil engineering
Class of 2025

“This year I want to make more friends.” (Photo by Stephanie Rodriguez ’20)

Javar Thompson
Major: Computer science
Class of 2025

“Future military physician!” (Photo by Suhtling Wong)

Asanka Ekanayake
Major: Medicine
Class of 2024

“This year I want to help students get engaged!” (Photo by Stephanie Rodriguez ’20)

Tim Donovan
Associate director for Conduct and Care Services at UCF Downtown

“Future occupational therapist” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Emma Leathers
Major: Kinesiology – pending
Class of 2023

“Future sommelier” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Anirudh Engandula
Major: Hospitality management
Class of 2024

“This year I want to learn and make cool friends” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Nicole Enamorado
Major: Psychology
Class of 2025

“Future lawyer” (Photo by Stephanie Rodriguez ’20)

Glenn Telcy
Major: Legal studies
Class of 2022

“Future hotel owner” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Savvina Zaronias
Major: Hospitality management
Class of 2025

“This year I want to get good grades and join clubs!” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Nafiah Choudhury
Political science
Class of 2025

“Future forester” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Tanner Nguyen
Environmental studies
Class of 2025

“This year I want to build first year programs at UCF Downtown” (Photo by Stephanie Rodriguez ’20)

Heather Cohen-Stanley ’19MA
Major: Educational leadership
Coordinator for First Year Programs at UCF Downtown

“This year I want to connect with graduate students” (Photo by Stephanie Rodriguez ’20)

Lakelyn Taylor ’19MS
Major: Strategic communication, with a master’s in communication 
Class of 2021

“Future physicians” (Photo by Suhtling Wong)

Ana (left) and Anela (right) Carrazana
Major: Medicine
Class of 2025

“1st year as a Knight!” (Photo by Rhiana Raymundo ’19)

Leah Gaines
Lecturer of interdisciplinary studies

“I want to do well in school” (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15)

Payton Stepenovitch
Major: Hospitality management
Class of 2025