Latin American Studies B.A.

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The Latin American Studies major at the University of Central Florida is designed for students with global interests and career goals related to the Western Hemisphere. The courses are interdisciplinary, giving students the necessary tools and knowledge to work with diverse populations in the U.S. Students learn about contemporary issues of Latin America including political economy, nationalism and national identities, migration, and human rights.

The LAS online major was created as an option for distance students. Since the LAS major is interdisciplinary, students can choose from a list of online courses in the areas of Anthropology, History, Art History, English, Humanities, International Relations, Politics, and Public Policy. LAS majors are also bilingual and must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, or French equivalent to 3 semesters of college instruction (intermediate level).

Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

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Degree Requirements

Students must earn a “C” (2.0) in each required course for it to be counted towards the major.

Program of Study: 39 Credit Hours

Core Course Requirements: 12 Credit Hours

  • LAS 3002: Topics in Latin American Studies
  • LAH 3200: Modern Latin America
  • LAS 3101: Latin American Popular Culture
  • LAS 4023: African Caribbean Experience

Foreign Language Requirement: 0-11 Credit Hours

LAS majors will have a proficiency equivalent to three semesters of college instruction in a single foreign language. Spanish or Portuguese is preferred, although other Latin American languages may be acceptable with prior written consent. Standardized examinations for foreign languages may be used to meet the requirement.

Restricted Electives: 24 Credit Hours

  • Note that this is not an exhaustive list of course options. Other courses with focus on either Latin America or the Caribbean can be accepted with prior written authorization form the Program Director.

Select from the following list of online courses:

  • GEA 4405: Geography of Latin America
  • CPO 4303: Comparative Latin American Politics
  • LAH 4136: Colonial Florida
  • LIT 3192: Caribbean Literature
  • AML 3682: Ethnic Literature in America
  • ARH 3674: Latin American Popular Visual Culture
  • LAS 2930: Pathways to Latin American Studies
  • WST 4415: Global and Transnational Feminism
  • INR 4074: Immigration Policy
  • PUP 3314: Minorities in American Politics
  • MUL 2721: Survey of Latin American Music
  • POS 4074: Latino Politics
  • Also selected Spanish, Portugeuse, and French courses at the upper level (3000 and above) with prefixes SPN, SPW, SPT, FRE, or POR.

Students should not select more than nine (9) credit hours of courses within the same department.

LAS Capstone Requirement: 3 Credit Hours

LAS majors are required to complete a study or work experience. This may be fulfilled through participation in any one of the following:

  • LAS 4932: Capstone Course
  • LAS 4949: Up to three (3) hours of Internship credit
  • LAS 3955: Study Abroad Experience

Required Minor: 18 Credit Hours

Students are encouraged to consult with the LAS advisor regarding their choice of minor. See a current list of minors available online here.

For additional information:

Visit the LAS Website or email:

Donna Mercado
Senior Admissions Specialist

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