Religion and Cultural Studies, B.A.

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The Religion and Cultural Studies Web-based Program is designed to familiarize students with religious traditions around the world, from ancient through contemporary cultures, as well as to introduce students to critical theories and methods through which to view and analyze the category of religion and its associated concepts, practices, and meanings in all areas of life. The program emphasizes the academic study of religion and culture; it does not privilege any particular tradition or belief. Although this program can be completed online, not every course in each category is offered as an online course.

Program of Study (2016-17 Catalog):

I. Core Requirements: Basic Level

  • REL 2300: World Religions [GEP]

Select 1 (3 Credit Hours)

  • PHI 2010: Introduction to Philosophy [GEP]
  • HUM 2020: Encountering the Humanities [GEP]

Select 1 (3 Credit Hours)

  • HUM 2210: Humanistic Tradition I [GEP]
  • HUM 2230: Humanistic Tradition II [GEP]

Studying Religion and Culture: (3 Credit Hours)

  • REL 2000: Introduction to Religion and Cultural Studies

II. Core Requirements: Advanced Level

A. Traditions: (12 Credit Hours)

Must select at least one in each category from the Philosophy Department:

Abrahamic Traditions

  • REL 3403: Christianity
  • REL 3363: Islam
  • REL 3320: Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad
  • REL 3432: Roots of Western Mysticism
  • JST 3401: Jewish People in Antiquity

Asian and Indigenous Traditions

  • REL 3340: Buddhism
  • REL 3333: Hinduism
  • REL 3123: Asian Religions in America
  • ANT 3245: Native American Religions

B. Theories and Methods: (6 Credit Hours)

Must select one in each category:


  • PHI 3700: Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 3720: Faith and Reason
  • REL 4157: Religion and Psychoanalysis
  • REL 4496: Key Concepts in Religion and Cultural Studies
  • REL 4936: Key Figures in Religion and Cultural Studies
  • REL 4147: Religion and Psychoanalysis

Cultural Studies

  • HUM 3326: Theories of Sex and Gender in Humanities
  • HUM 3805: Critical Theory in the Humanities
  • HUM 4459: American Cultural Studies in Humanities
  • HUM 4823: Queer Theory in the Humanities
  • HUM 4826: Postcolonial Theory
  • PHH 3600: Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHI 4804: Critical Theory

C. Religion in Culture: (9 Credit Hours)

Must select three from the following list with at least one from the Philosophy Department.

  • REL 3101: Religion in Popular Culture
  • REL 3111: Religion and Philosophy Through Film
  • REL 3115: Religion, Spirituality, and Popular Music
  • REL 3130: Religion in America
  • REL 4110: Religion and the Arts
  • REL 4178: Religion and Law
  • REL 4180: Religion and Medicine
  • PHI 3033: Philosophy, Religion, and the Environment
  • ANT 3241: Magic, Ritual, and Belief
  • POT 4632: Religion and Politics
  • SYO 4200: Religion in Society

II. Restricted Electives: (3 Credit Hours)

  • Any course from Traditions, Theories and Methods, or Religion in Culture not being used to satisfy those categories can be used here.
  • Note: Related courses may be substituted with consent of Religion and Cultural Studies adviser.

III. Capstone Requirements: (3 Credit Hours)

  • REL 4910: Senior Research Seminar

Degree Requirements

Students must earn at least a grade of C (2.0) in each course used to satisfy requirements and should consult with a college advisor to ensure that adequate progress is being made toward completion.

Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog.

Co-op or internship credit cannot be used in this major without prior approval by the Chair.

Departmental Residency Requirements consists of at least 18 semester hours of regularly scheduled 3000-4000 level courses taken from the UCF Philosophy Department.

Courses designated in the General Ed program and Common Program Prerequisites are usually completed in the first 60 hours. No more than 3 courses (i.e., 9 credit hours) of 3000 or 4000 level courses applied to the B.A. in Religion and Cultural Studies may be simultaneously applied to fulfill another major.

The availability of online courses each semester is dependent on the availability of instructors to teach them; not every course in the program will be offered each semester. Therefore, it may take the Web-based student more time to complete the degree than the student taking face-to-face courses. Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

Please see the UCF undergraduate catalog ( for a complete list of core requirements and other important information about the program.

For additional information contact:

Sabatino DiBernardo, Ph.D.

Director, Religion and Cultural Studies

Associate Lecturer in Religion, Philosophy & Humanities

CAHSA Academic Advisor

College of Arts and Humanities

Undergraduate Student Services


Career Opportunities

  • case manager
  • clergy member
  • counselor
  • diplomat
  • educator
  • foreign service officer
  • humanitarian worker
  • journalist
  • lawyer
  • librarian
  • missionary
  • researcher
  • social worker
  • volunteer coordinator

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