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Discover how religious traditions from around the world have shaped our society.

Religion is a powerful force in human society. For millennia, cultures from across the globe have adhered to belief systems and practices that have impacted all areas of life. When you earn your religion and cultural studies degree, you’ll study the evolution of these beliefs from ancient to modern times.

UCF Online’s curriculum will grant you a deeper understanding of world religions, philosophy and humanistic traditions. The coursework will help you develop skills in philosophy, research, critical thinking and abstract reasoning. As you advance, you’ll delve into specific traditions. You’ll also explore key figures in world religions, the topic of religion in popular culture, theory in the humanities and much more.

You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your understanding through a capstone project or senior research project. This degree program is ideal for those seeking a career in a faith-based organization, nonprofit, public service, academia or other setting. To begin your journey, get started today

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Course Overview

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad

Explore the main themes of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as found in the teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

An introduction to Buddhist thought, practices, cultures and history. It traces the development of Buddhism through South-East Asia, East Asia, Tibet and the West.

Examine the emergence of two discrete ways of knowing: Faith and Reason.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of religion's role in shaping cultures, societies, identities, and worldviews.
  • Engage with diverse communities, understand their perspectives and navigate the complexities of religious diversity in contemporary societies.
  • Participate in nuanced discussions and apply analytical frameworks to understand the impact of religion on individuals, communities, and societies.

Career Projections


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Career Opportunities

  • clergy member
  • diplomat
  • foreign service officer
  • humanitarian worker
  • missionary
  • researcher
  • volunteer coordinator