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Program at a Glance

Program at a Glance

Online Doctorate
63-72 Credit Hours
$327.32 per credit hour
$1,151.72 per credit hour

Build a distinctive career at the forefront of the nursing field.

Healthcare is constantly evolving and in need of energetic, diverse leadership among nurses. Your Ph.D. in Nursing will allow you to advance the field as a research scientist. UCF Online provides an avenue through which students contribute to knowledge development in nursing and healthcare on the basis of sound conceptual, methodological and ethical research.

Through UCF Online, you’ll harness your full potential and gain the skills it takes to lead the way as innovative technologies and research shift the field of healthcare. Your classroom studies and dissertation will allow you to choose a specific area of focus, conduct research and apply your knowledge of theory, processes and methods of inquiry to the field of nursing.

As a participant in the PhD program, there are two online tracks available:

BSN to PhD

Requiring a minimum of 72 credit hours beyond your bachelor’s degree, this program is designed to support students who wish to complete their Ph.D. in a timely manner and attain longer research careers.

MSN to PhD

Requiring a minimum of 63 credit hours beyond your master’s degree, this program is designed to support students who have already obtained their MSN.

The curriculum, along with your dissertation, will prepare you to become a leader who contributes to the body of nursing knowledge through your research.

You’ll graduate as a nurse scientist prepared to work in a variety of roles, such as faculty member in a research-focused university, leader for nursing research within a healthcare system, industry, or an executive leader with a research focus. This program can be completed online, although two multiple-day onsite intensives per year are required. Get started today to begin your journey toward a PhD in Nursing.

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Career Opportunities

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  • nurse scientist
  • nursing faculty
  • nursing professor
  • research executive
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