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The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology leads to a broad foundation of knowledge in the discipline of psychology. One of our primary goals is to educate students to intelligently evaluate psychological information that they are encountered with in the real world. By completing this major, students will understand basic psychology terminology and concepts used in statistical and research methods, physiological psychology, and history and systems. Students will also understand what constitutes scholarly sources, and be able to access them. All psychology majors are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as research, fieldwork, internships as well as our various student organizations that are affiliated with the major.

B.S. Degree Requirements

A typical plan of study to complete your Psychology Degree via UCF Online

Semester 1 (12 Credit Hours)

  • PSY 3204C: Statistical Methods in Psychology (4 hrs)
  • PPE 3003: Personality Theory and Research (3 hrs) or SOP 3004C: Social Psychology (3 hrs)
  • PSY 2023: Psychology Cornerstone; Career Paths (2 hrs)

Semester 2 (14 Credit Hours)

  • PSY 3213C: Research Methods in Psychology (5 hrs)
  • CLP 3302: Clinical Psychology (3 hrs)
  • EXP 3404C: Basic Learning Processes (3 hrs)
  • PSB 3002: Physiological Psychology (3 hrs)

Semester 3 (13 Credit Hours)

  • PSY 4604: History and Systems of Psychology (3 hrs)
  • EXP 3604C: Cognitive Psychology (4 hrs) or EXP 3204C: Perception (4 hrs)
  • DEP 3464 Psychology of Aging (3 hrs)
  • Psychology class of your choice (3 hrs)

Semester 4 (12 Credit Hours)

  • Any DIVERSITY course (choose from CLP 3184, SOP 3742, SOP 3723, SOP 3724, SOP 3784)
  • Psychology classes of your choice (9 hrs)

Semester 5 (Can be split between 2 summers or taken in 1 summer, 10 Credit Hours)

  • PSY 4049: Psychology Capstone (1 hrs)
  • Psychology classes of your choice (9 hrs)

Online Completion

In order to complete your Psychology degree online, you must have already completed the following: General Education Requirements, 1 Year College Level Foreign Language, 3 Science classes, and Statistics. Register for courses with a “W” in the section number to ensure you are enrolling in fully online courses at UCF. Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information is available here.

Important Things To Do While Earning Your AA Degree:

  • Complete your College Level Foreign Language requirement that shows proficiency of 1 year (college level 2 or higher)
  • Complete at least 1 Biology (e.g. BSC 1005, BSC 1010C, or BSC 10XX ) class
  • Complete at least 1 Junior level Statistics (e.g. STA 2014C or STA 2023) class
  • Complete two additional Science classes that have something to do with humans (e.g. Anatomy and Physiology or other Biology courses, but also Chemistry, Physical Science, Calculus, etc.)

Important Things to Remember:

  • Statistics classes that begin with “1” (e.g. STA 1060 or STA 10XX) will not count toward your Core Psychology courses.
  • UCF does not currently offer Biology and Statistics courses online, so these should be completed prior to starting the online psychology program.
  • UCF may not offer specific college level languages as well as science/math electives online, so these should be completed prior to starting the online psychology program.

For additional information contact:

Psychology Advising Center

College of Sciences

Department of Psychology

407-823-2219 (Please type the term “Online Student” in the subject line)

Career Opportunities

  • career counselor
  • case manager
  • counselor
  • educator
  • higher education administrator
  • human resources administrator
  • mental health care provider
  • psychiatric technician
  • psychologist
  • psychotherapist
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • researcher
  • sales person
  • therapist

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