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Gain the knowledge you need to increase process and product performance, improve quality and reliability of goods and services, and institute steps to make your organization more competitive through an overall commitment to quality in the online Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance. Companies seek to be known as a quality organization, not merely the producer of quality products. Whether you’re continuing your career or just starting out, your UCF Online education will expand your knowledge in the field.

Much of the resurgence of U.S. companies and service organizations in the global marketplace has been due to an increased emphasis on quality. Today’s consumers are offered many alternatives to meet their needs, and they have consequently become very discriminating in their purchases. The Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance provides students with the knowledge they need to increase process and product performance, to improve the quality and reliability of goods and services and to institute steps to make their organizations more competitive through an overall commitment to quality.

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For the Quality Assurance certificate, students complete three required courses and one elective course, for a total of 12 credit hours.

Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

  • ESI 5219 Engineering Statistics (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 5236 Reliability Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 6225 Quality Design and Control (3 credit hours)

Elective Course (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one of the following two courses.

  • ESI 5227 Total Quality Improvement (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 6224 Quality Management (3 credit hours)

Career Opportunities

  • clinical project manager
  • industrial technology technician
  • quality assurance technician
  • quality auditor
  • quality control inspector
  • reliability engineer

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