Online Student Guidelines

UCF Online is designed to serve prospective and current students enrolled exclusively in online programs by providing comprehensive, personalized services from initial inquiry through graduation. UCF Online provides access to students seeking an excellent education from a distance while also offering a more affordable degree option.

The following information features guidelines and student policies specifically related to the UCF Online program and does not replace or override other authoritative UCF publications. Students should review and be familiar with all academic, class registration, student conduct, policy and program requirements, as well as other information contained in the various UCF student handbooks, guides and catalogs published online. The UCF Rules of Conduct apply to all undergraduate students, graduate students and students pursuing professional studies, including students enrolled in UCF Online. In particular, see:

Student Eligibility

Transfer and graduate students are eligible for UCF Online programs and majors if admitted or readmitted to UCF beginning with the fall 2015 semester, provided the student has not enrolled in a campus-based class. Students who meet this eligibility requirement may complete an “opt-in” form. The form must be submitted no later than three-business days in advance of classes starting for the fee waivers effective to be applied in that given term or term sub-session. For opt-in forms submitted after this deadline, the fee waivers will be effective starting the next term. Contact the UCF Online Connect Center for further information, or to appeal ineligibility for UCF Online.

First-time-in-college (FTIC) students are not eligible for UCF Online, but may take online classes as permissible by their major and program of study. FTIC students may pursue any of the majors as a campus-based student

Undergraduate Student Change of Major

UCF Online students may change from one online major to another, and may declare and earn an online undergraduate certificate. Students may not be simultaneously active in a UCF Online major and a campus-based major. Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility qualifications may change their major from a campus-based major to UCF Online.

UCF Online students may convert to a campus-based undergraduate major. However, those students may only again participate in a UCF Online major by becoming re-admitted. Campus-based students may continue to take online courses and complete UCF Online majors, but will be subject to all campus-based fees. A UCF Online student may not add a campus-based second major or earn a campus-based undergraduate certificate unless they change out of UCF Online completely.

Graduate Student Program Changes

UCF Online graduate students may change their track within an online degree program with assistance from the College of Graduate Studies. UCF Online students who wish to add an online certificate program, or change to an alternate online degree program, must apply and be accepted. Graduate students may not be simultaneously active in a UCF Online program and a campus-based program. Graduate students who meet program eligibility qualifications may change from a campus-based program to the equivalent UCF Online program.

UCF Online students may convert to a campus-based version of their graduate program. However, those students become ineligible to again participate in a UCF Online plan without a new graduate program admission. Campus-based students may continue to take online courses and complete UCF Online programs or majors, but will be subject to all campus-based fees. A UCF Online student may not add a campus-based graduate certificate program unless they change out of UCF Online completely.

UCF Online graduate students in special tuition programs have additional restrictions on eligibility for other UCF programs.

Class Enrollment Restrictions

UCF Online students may not enroll in classes with scheduled face-to-face meetings. This includes classes coded P (face-to-face instruction) and M (mixed-mode/reduced seat time). When logged into the portal at, only online courses in the class schedule are visible to UCF Online students. See course modalities for more information on UCF course modalities and the types of online courses (W, V and RV) open to UCF Online students.

UCF Online students in special tuition graduate programs have additional restrictions and may only enroll in UCF classes that are part of their program.

Fee Waivers

Students enrolling in a UCF Online program will receive a waiver of the following per credit-hour campus-based fees.

  • Activity and Service Fee
  • Transportation and Access Fee
  • Health Fee
  • Athletic Fee
  • Technology Fee

Undergraduate students who do not qualify for Florida resident tuition receive a significant discount in their per credit-hour nonresident fee.

All UCF student tuition and fees are available at UCF’s Office of Institutional Knowledge Management. See Tuition and Fees for a summary of UCF Online fee savings.

Immunization Requirements

UCF Online students are not required to submit proof of immunizations. However, all students must submit the Mandatory Immunization Health History form along with the completed waivers for Meningitis and Hepatitis B. Students who change out of UCF Online into a campus-based program or major become subject to the required proof of immunizations in order to enroll in additional classes.

Some UCF Online programs, such as those with field clinical requirements, may require proof of immunization.

Student Services

UCF Online students have full access and privileges to many UCF resources, including:

  • Success Coaches
  • Academic Advising
  • All Library Services
  • Student Academic Resource Center
  • Veterans Academic Resource Center
  • University Writing Center
  • Experiential Learning and Internships
  • Career Services
  • UCF Bookstore
  • Technology Product Center
  • ID Card Services (in person or by mail)
  • Student Accessibility Services

Service Restrictions

Some campus resources and services are supported by student fees that are waived for UCF Online students. Therefore, the following resources and services are restricted or limited for students who do not pay those fees:

  • Primary care visits and discounts at Student Health Services
  • Routine counseling and psychological services
  • Recreation and Wellness Center services and programs, including intramurals
  • UCF Athletics discounts and activities, including intramurals and intercollegiate athletics
  • Certain services from the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Involvement. Contact UCF Student Government Association or the Office of Student Involvement for more information.

International Students

UCF Online programs are open to students who reside outside of the U.S. No presence or travel to the UCF campus is required to complete the programs, so no visa is required. International students who are residing with F-1 visas are not eligible for UCF Online programs due to their campus class attendance requirements.

Graduate Assistantship Restrictions

UCF Online graduate students are not eligible for graduate assistantships or graduate teaching assistantships.

Housing Restrictions

UCF Online students are not eligible for on-campus student housing.

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