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The Strategic Planning Working Group has proposed a framework for the UCF Strategic Plan. We envision that the UCF of the future will be built upon core foundations of Inclusive Culture and Higher Ed Innovation, which support four strategic pillars of Student Success, Knowledge Enterprise, Impactful Engagement, and Institutional Innovation.

We are inviting all members of the UCF community to share their ideas, suggestions, concerns, and opportunities in a call for white papers relating to any aspect of a UCF Strategic Plan. Submissions on any topic are encouraged!

White papers will be shared with the broader UCF community to help foster collaborative generation and reiterative development of ideas. With our collective insight, we can shape the Strategic Plan for UCF and make UCF the University for the future.

White Paper Guidelines:

  • Proposals can be up to 2 pages in length.
  • Proposals can utilize links to outside sources and information.
  • Collaborations can include UCF and the broader community.
  • Individual proposals should focus on a single area or aspect. It is acceptable to break complex ideas into more than one white paper.
  • Proposals will be collected into several broad categories for analysis and evaluation. The submission page will identify categories to choose from.
  • White papers are encouraged to be displayed and shared so that UCF community members can continue to develop ideas and plans over the remainder of the strategic planning process.

Submission Details:

  • The lead author must have a UCF federated ID for verification purposes. Any number of additional authors of any affiliation are welcome.
  • Continual submission process starting immediately.
  • Proposals can address any topic such as Facilities, Faculty & Staff, Governance, Partnerships, Scholarship, Research, Teaching, or Students.

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