Presenting the Class of 2013

In response to your requests for information about this select group of candidates, here is a statistical portrait of our incoming students:

• Geographic diversity: out-of-state – 10

• Gender diversity: female – 22

• Ethnic diversity (self-identified): black – 4, hispanic – 6, asian – 4, american indian – 2

• Age range: 21 to 35

• MCAT: 32.2

• GPA: 3.8

• Universities attended in-state: UCF – 8, UF – 6, USF – 5, other – 7

• Universities attended out-of-state: Bucknell, UC Berkeley, Dartmouth – 2, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Louisiana State University, Michigan State, Rice, Rutgers, Tulane, Washington and Lee

• Medical schools turned down: UF – 11, USF – 14, Miami – 5, Boston U., Dartmouth, Georgetown, Pitt, USC, Wake Forest, Illinois and Emory – to name a few (in 18 instances, students chose UCF over top 25 medical schools)

• Predominant majors: chemistry, microbiology, biology, biomedical engineering, psychology

• Other majors: economics, history, art history, electrical engineering and music

• Advanced Degrees: Master’s – 3, Ph.D. – 1

Celebrate White Coat Day

Mayors Crotty and Dyer have proclaimed Monday, August 3 “White Coat Day” in Orange County and Orlando. In celebration, we are asking all friends of the medical school to participate in a “White Out” on the day of the ceremony.

It may never snow in Central Florida, but we can create our own “blizzard” to show support of our medical students. If you would like to show your affinity with our new group, please wear white – a shirt, a skirt, shoes, a tie, or even a belt.

You would think we could take a break now – sit back and wait to welcome our Charter class. But there is no time to rest-as of today we have 1,624 applicants for next year!

What an exciting time for our community. Thank you for your continued support of the College of Medicine.

Best wishes,

Deborah C. German, M.D.

Dean, UCF College of Medicine

Letter to Friends of College of Medicine, dated July 29, 2009, reprinted with permission from the college.