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Integrative General Studies, BGS

August 19, 2019
Tailor your degree to the career that’s right for you. Our passions and interests can span multiple fields and industries. Getting an education that allows you to explore those areas should be an option. UCF’s online Bachelor of General Studies in Integrative General Studies allows you to expand your career options and opportunities for advancement…

Interdisciplinary Studies – Diversity Studies Leadership Track, BA

August 19, 2019
Become an leader in diversity and inclusion with an online interdisciplinary studies bachelor’s degree. Making an impact on how individuals and groups around the world engage starts with understanding each another. Examining the interdependence of humanity, cultures and the natural environment can open up the opportunity for creating solutions for the societal issues we face…

Emergency and Crisis Management, MECM

May 23, 2018
Program at a Glance Type Online Master’s College Community Innovation and Education In State Out Of State Costs $327.32 Per Credit Hour 16 Week Terms 36 Credit Hours Costs $1,151.72 Per Credit Hour 16 Weeks Terms 36 Credit Hours Application Deadlines Fall June 1 Spring November 1 Ready to get started? Request Info

Professional Writing Graduate Certificate

July 26, 2017
Leverage writing to convey compelling ideas that inspire action and progress. Communication is key to progress, idea dissemination, innovation and collaboration. With your online graduate certificate in professional writing, you’ll enhance your existing credentials with powerful, empowering writing techniques. Through UCF Online’s professional writing certificate, you’ll explore the written word as a means of persuasion,…

Nonprofit Management

July 1, 2015
Further your education and assume a nonprofit leadership. The nonprofit sector is a major player in addressing a wide array of current issues, including the advocacy of vulnerable populations and causes. To facilitate even more positive change through your work, earn your nonprofit management certificate online. Through UCF Online’s nonprofit management certificate program, you’ll gain…

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA/BS

July 1, 2015
Develop an interdisciplinary degree program tailored to your interests, goals and needs. Sink into your personal passions and leverage them to make a difference. Whether you’re looking to hone your leadership skills, create an impact in a particular field, participate in service learning or explore your varied academic passions, your bachelor of interdisciplinary studies will…


July 1, 2015
Expand the potential impact of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations depend heavily on fundraising and grant management to achieve their important missions. Often providing essential services, innovative solutions and public awareness and advocacy, these organizations rely on energetic, progressive fundraisers who are able to rally support. When you choose to earn a fundraising certificate through UCF…

English – Technical Communication, MA

July 1, 2015
Transform complex ideas into compelling communication. Even the most technical concepts transform into engaging ideas when they’re put in clear language and human terms. When you earn your online master’s degree in technical communication, you’ll connect powerful ideas to the people who need to hear them. UCF Online’s English master’s degree will prepare you to…

English – Technical Communication, BA

July 1, 2015
Step forward as a leader in communication Bridge the gap between technical fields and the general public through clear communication. Leverage your technical communication skills in nearly any industry within a variety of contexts, including promotional materials, instruction guides, technical manuals and more. With your bachelor’s degree earned through UCF Online you’ll have the tools…