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Students who enroll in an online master’s degree will receive the same quality education as those who enroll in the same program in a face-to-face/in-person format. The biggest difference between receiving your master’s degree online or face-to-face is the format in which you receive instruction. If you enroll in a fully online graduate degree programs, all course-related instruction will be conducted entirely online. While course instruction will be internet-based, some online programs require experiential learning experiences such as practicums or clinicals. These are intensive internships that provide students with in-field training.

Since course instruction is entirely online, fully online graduate degree programs allows you to schedule courses when they are convenient for you. Unlike face-to-face courses, which require you to be on campus at a certain day and time, fully online courses are flexible and can fit into busy schedules.

Pursuing your graduate degree online requires some unique studying skillsets than that of the face-to-face alternative. For instance, many UCF Online graduates cite time management as being a constant hurdle to overcome. Many online courses are on-demand and self-paced, requiring you to set aside time to dedicate to your studies. Successful UCF Online graduates report that dedicating a consistent time and place for studying helped them on the road to graduation.