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Video Transcription


00:07.740 –> 00:14.520
I think communication is really important
in an online course. It makes the student

00:14.520 –> 00:20.500
feel like they’re a valued asset to the
course, especially when interacting with

00:20.500 –> 00:26.770
other students. I’ve seen discussion
posts that I’ve been so impressed by,

00:26.770 –> 00:30.480
where a student will ask a question and
another student who doesn’t even know

00:30.480 –> 00:34.760
them takes the time to write out step by
step exactly how to do it. It’s really,

00:34.760 –> 00:38.480
really nice to see that there’s still
that camaraderie amongst students

00:38.480 –> 00:40.660
and that communication is
really important.

00:40.660 –> 00:44.180
If a student hasn’t taken online courses
before because they don’t know how

00:44.180 –> 00:47.840
to check the chat or how to check who’s
online, that proves to be a challenge.

00:47.840 –> 00:55.080
But once you get into the flow of things,
it makes it more engaging because you’re

00:55.080 –> 00:58.970
able to have more than five minutes at
the end of class to talk to someone. You

00:58.970 –> 01:02.210
can have a conversation that’ll last
because you have a record of it.

01:02.210 –> 01:07.020
In a face-to-face environment, a lot of
times you’re kind of shy to go up and try

01:07.020 –> 01:11.310
to talk to other students. In the case of
the professor, it’s very difficult because

01:11.310 –> 01:16.330
most classes are really big. And if you
can’t make the office hours, then you’ll

01:16.330 –> 01:19.800
try to talk to an instructor before or
after class and that’s usually when

01:19.800 –> 01:22.820
they get swarmed. So you’re never
going to get much accomplished

01:22.820 –> 01:26.760
at that point. Whereas, if you’re trying
to contact an instructor online, it’s just

01:26.760 –> 01:30.380
as simple as sending them a message
real quick. You don’t have to worry about

01:30.380 –> 01:33.250
trying to get a hold of them because
they’ll get back to you.

01:33.250 –> 01:37.870
I’ve had great experiences with the
faculty so far in terms of getting instant

01:37.870 –> 01:43.090
feedback, whether it’s through a tweet,
whether it’s through an e-mail, whether

01:43.090 –> 01:46.860
it’s through a voicemail message, but
the best is just being able to talk to the

01:46.860 –> 01:49.890
professor in a one-on-one
type of discussion.

01:49.890 –> 01:54.380
In almost every job you’re going to have
in the future, so much of the work

01:54.380 –> 01:58.890
you’re going to be doing is through
online, through emailing, and through

01:58.890 –> 02:03.370
proper clear communication. So I think
these online courses give you the

02:03.370 –> 02:06.880
opportunity to be able to not only
communicate with your peers, but

02:06.880 –> 02:13.630
your superiors, and be able to do that
clearly and have clarity in your messages.

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