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The time it takes for you to complete an accredited online bachelors degree from UCF depends on several factors. These factors include the number of credit hours already obtained and the number of credit hours you choose to take per semester.

To become a UCF Online bachelor’s student, you must transfer in from an accredited institution. This means that you will already have some credit towards a bachelor’s degree. The number of credits you transfer will impact how quickly you can finish a fully online degree. Even then, there are several scenarios that could impact that speed.

It is recommended that, if possible, full-time students aim to take 30 credit hours a year to graduate on time. A student is considered full-time if they take 12 or more credit hours a semester. According to the Think30 website, there are cost savings benefits and additional earning potentials to graduating on-time.  If you’re transferring with an associate’s degree completed and able to commit to 30 credits a year, you can complete any of our online bachelor degrees in as little as two years.

Not everyone is able or willing to commit to 30 credit hours a year and that’s ok! In fact, the majority of UCF Online students are considered half-time or less (8 or fewer credit hours per semester). A full list of enrollment statuses can be found on the registrar’s enrollment verification page. At exactly half time (15-credit hours per year), transfers with an associate’s degree can complete an online degree in as little as four years.