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Video Transcription


00:14.040 –> 00:18.930
One thing students can do to be successful
throughout the course is to try to help me

00:18.930 –> 00:21.860
understand what they’re doing.

00:21.860 –> 00:22.940
We’re not in the same room.

00:22.940 –> 00:27.200
So, if we were in the same room, I could watch
you and I could say, okay, right there, that’s

00:27.200 –> 00:28.580
where you’re getting of track.

00:28.580 –> 00:33.540
But since I can’t observe you, I like it when
my students can explain to me what they’re

00:33.540 –> 00:39.050
doing and we can go step-by-step so that I
can help them pinpoint where they are getting

00:39.050 –> 00:40.250
off track.

00:40.250 –> 00:44.180
Because if they are really stuck, chances
are it’s something about the process of doing

00:44.180 –> 00:48.900
the work that they’re just looking in the
wrong place or looking at the wrong thing

00:48.900 –> 00:51.060
and I can’t see that.

00:51.060 –> 00:55.840
So, they need to be prepared to describe to
me what it is they’re doing and when they’re

00:55.840 –> 00:56.840
getting stuck.

00:56.840 –> 01:01.790
I think one of the things students can do
most to be successful in my course is to not

01:01.790 –> 01:04.580
be afraid to reach out to their professor.

01:04.580 –> 01:09.509
Whether it’s through sending an email, calling
me, whatever the case is.

01:09.509 –> 01:14.070
Not being afraid to ask the question, especially
if they think the question is stupid is really

01:14.070 –> 01:15.240

01:15.240 –> 01:18.130
There are no stupid questions, especially
in the online universe.

01:18.130 –> 01:20.780
So, don’t be afraid to reach out and find

01:20.780 –> 01:25.220
You really need to treat it like it’s a job,
just like you would with any other type of

01:25.220 –> 01:26.550

01:26.550 –> 01:31.690
And it’s really important because it’s very
easy to get distracted and make excuses and

01:31.690 –> 01:36.870
not sit down at your computer or even with
your handheld device or whatever it may be

01:36.870 –> 01:39.180
and do the work that needs to be done.

01:39.180 –> 01:40.990
So, you need to setup a schedule.

01:40.990 –> 01:45.240
That’s really the most important thing I find
for students to have a regular schedule.

01:45.240 –> 01:50.570
Set yourself a class time and do it and maybe
a couple times a week.

01:50.570 –> 01:55.250
One to review materials and listen to the
online lectures and then maybe another day

01:55.250 –> 02:00.480
or two where you set class time aside to actual
do the assignments and get your work done.

02:00.480 –> 02:04.640
When you look at strategies for success in
an online course, you have to consider your

02:04.640 –> 02:07.400
own responsibility as a learner.

02:07.400 –> 02:11.621
While your professor is there cheering you
on, you have a responsibility that you are

02:11.621 –> 02:17.650
aware of the assignment due dates and that
you take proactive action or actions to ensure

02:17.650 –> 02:20.090
that you submit your work on time.

02:20.090 –> 02:24.379
Because you want to ensure that you take time
to develop your responses to ensure that you

02:24.379 –> 02:28.120
submit the best possible work to your professor
at all times.

02:28.120 –> 02:32.049
I worry that students are afraid to reach
out to their professors and I find it very

02:32.049 –> 02:36.579
very important that they have that ease of
communication with us because inevitably we’re

02:36.579 –> 02:38.280
the ones that are going to help them.

02:38.280 –> 02:44.040
Now, in addition to this, I also like to keep
track of my students and seeing where student

02:44.040 –> 02:45.059
are in the course.

02:45.059 –> 02:50.159
If a student is having problems, I make an
effort to try to reach out to them and offer

02:50.159 –> 02:54.219
assistance and in any way possible try to
work with them to help them be successful

02:54.219 –> 02:54.979
in the course.

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