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00:07.710 –> 00:11.750
I think that once you find your way around
connecting with the students and the

00:11.750 –> 00:16.470
professors in online courses, it’s more
beneficial to us as students because

00:16.470 –> 00:24.260
we do have more opportunities to connect.
As well, if you have a project or if you

00:24.260 –> 00:28.260
have something going on outside of school,
outside of class, then you have a way to

00:28.260 –> 00:32.070
publicize it and get people involved. I’ve
never felt like a number in any of my

00:32.070 –> 00:36.480
online courses. It does feel more like a
community, it’s just an online community,

00:36.480 –> 00:40.200
it’s just different than being face to
face with the students. It gives you

00:40.200 –> 00:44.750
that opportunity to build that community
after the class is over because you’ve

00:44.750 –> 00:47.710
already made connections through
email. And sometimes you reach out

00:47.710 –> 00:50.530
through Facebook, so you’re able
to keep those friendships.

00:50.530 –> 00:55.330
The biggest challenge I’ve faced in
taking online classes is not having as

00:55.330 –> 00:59.920
much in-person interaction with the
other students and with the professor

00:59.920 –> 01:01.640
and having to do it a different way.

01:01.640 –> 01:05.120
Through the chartrooms, through the
discussions, through emails with the

01:05.120 –> 01:11.290
professors, and that’s been a bit of a
challenge having been at UCF before and

01:11.290 –> 01:14.730
been an undergrad what seems like a
long time ago. But for the most part,

01:14.730 –> 01:19.290
it’s been very enjoyable to go through the
discussions with them when you realize

01:19.290 –> 01:24.320
how many discussion strands that you’ve
created over just one topic. And it’s been

01:24.320 –> 01:28.800
great because it’s not just the feedback
of, ” Hey, great idea!” They elaborate on

01:28.800 –> 01:33.030
it so it’s a full blown conversation in
comparison to an in-person class where

01:33.030 –> 01:36.660
the professor may gather you back and
say, “Oops. We’ve got to move on. We’ve

01:36.660 –> 01:40.810
got to move on to the next thing.” You can
freely express yourself back-and-forth.

01:40.810 –> 01:45.690
It’s a lot better in an online course than
a face-to-face and actually, in one of my

01:45.690 –> 01:49.430
face-to-face classes this semester, I have
a group project and we’re utilizing

01:49.430 –> 01:54.030
online tools to help us stay on track and
keep everything together because even

01:54.030 –> 01:57.660
though its a face-to-face environment,
we can’t always meet at the same times

01:57.660 –> 02:03.300
together. So in a way, different tools
that are available online make all of that

02:03.300 –> 02:06.960
really easy because it just makes it so
much easier to facilitate interaction

02:06.960 –> 02:09.580
between each other without
actually having to show up at

02:09.580 –> 02:12.810
a specific place at a specific time.