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One of the primary challenges I think students
face when they’re taking an online class is

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getting used to the idea of working with a
computer as opposed to showing up to class

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week to week.

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I think a lot of students feel almost safe
behind a monitor and they don’t realize that

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there is a professor on the other side keeping
an eye on them.

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One of the best ways to overcome that challenge
is to not be afraid to ask questions of the

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professor whether it be through email, webcourses,
or a variety of other methods we have to talk,

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it’s important for students to keep in contact
with their professor so we can help them when

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they need it.

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Some of the challenges you might find in an
online course is, especially if you’re new

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to online learning is, you need to be what
we call in education is a self-directed learner.

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And you can look that up.

00:58.700 –> 01:00.829
Google that term and see what it’s all about.

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But basically, you have to be very self-motivated
and willing to be a self-learner, to teach

01:05.969 –> 01:10.390
yourself because your instructor is not going
be there to walk into my office.

01:10.390 –> 01:14.300
You can walk into it virtually but it’s just
not the same.

01:14.300 –> 01:17.579
Also, some of the tools that we have in online
learning are a little bit different.

01:17.579 –> 01:23.910
If you’ve never used an online textbook, it’s
a totally different type of reading and learning.

01:23.910 –> 01:29.460
There are extra tools at your disposal such
as virtual highlighting and virtual sharing

01:29.460 –> 01:31.860
with your classmates and discussions.

01:31.860 –> 01:35.830
It takes a little bit of getting used to using
those online texts.

01:35.830 –> 01:39.119
Challenges that face students are quite often
keeping up on top of their deadlines.

01:39.119 –> 01:44.189
So, I find it very important that students
maintain a very solid schedule and calendar

01:44.189 –> 01:45.940
for when their deadlines are.

01:45.940 –> 01:50.909
Now, this also helps them to maintain not
only their school life but also their personal

01:50.909 –> 01:56.140
life and how they can weave in their school
and their personal life together in a cohesive

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01:57.140 –> 02:01.920
Well, one challenge my students face is that
they expect that the work will be something

02:01.920 –> 02:06.680
like I read about it and I find the answer
and I give the answer.

02:06.680 –> 02:08.840
And it’s really not like that at all.

02:08.840 –> 02:13.370
The kind of work in my classes involves doing
and they’re just not going to learn it by

02:13.370 –> 02:14.620
reading about it.

02:14.620 –> 02:18.700
They have to read about it, of course, but
then try to apply what they’ve read to the

02:18.700 –> 02:21.800
problems, the exercises, and the homework.

02:21.800 –> 02:25.840
One thing students can do to overcome that
challenge is to ask me specific questions

02:25.840 –> 02:27.739
about where they’re getting stuck.

02:27.739 –> 02:33.719
So, rather than struggling with it for an
hour and then asking me, I would rather that

02:33.719 –> 02:38.700
they say “hey, the instructions said to look
in the dictionary etymology but I’m not sure

02:38.700 –> 02:42.700
what I’m supposed to find when I get there
and how it applies to the problem.”

02:42.700 –> 02:46.159
And then, I’m happy to help coach them through
that rough spot.

02:46.159 –> 02:48.590
Online courses come with their own challenges.

02:48.590 –> 02:52.400
As a matter of fact, you must never forget
you have your professor who is there to support

02:52.400 –> 02:53.519

02:53.519 –> 02:57.909
Your professor will also ensure that understand
the content of your course.

02:57.909 –> 03:01.049
They are there to guide you and cheer you
on your journey.

03:01.049 –> 03:02.739
Always reach out to your professor.

03:02.739 –> 03:08.079
Email him or her and you will get the support
necessary to enhance your success in your

03:08.079 –> 03:08.780
online course.