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It’s really important to use all the tools
that are available to you from both our web

00:19.720 –> 00:22.040
course and also other resources.

00:22.040 –> 00:26.200
Number one that I have found is the UCF Library

00:26.200 –> 00:30.050
The online resources that they have available
are immense.

00:30.050 –> 00:34.980
And the librarians are really really helpful
and can direct you to materials that you need.

00:34.980 –> 00:41.210
Besides the library resources, there are several
other tools available to you in Webcourses.

00:41.210 –> 00:46.170
We have the discussions and there’s also chats
where you can talk to your classmates and

00:46.170 –> 00:49.390
exchange ideas and work out problems together.

00:49.390 –> 00:54.210
But also, do not forget the email tools that
are there to get in touch with your instructor.

00:54.210 –> 01:00.180
I myself, when you send me a message, I get
an email immediately notifying me that you

01:00.180 –> 01:04.879
have sent me a message so I can respond to
you in real-time to help you solve your problems.

01:04.879 –> 01:09.080
I urge students to look into the writing center
on campus.

01:09.080 –> 01:13.490
Now, they’re mainly for face-to-face, however,
they do have an online component that students

01:13.490 –> 01:16.880
are able to participate in, in order to get
some assistance.

01:16.880 –> 01:21.890
Another source for students is Webcourses@UCF
Support and I encourage students to reach

01:21.890 –> 01:26.530
out to them if they have any technical questions
or issues that perhaps I might not be able

01:26.530 –> 01:27.890
to help them with.

01:27.890 –> 01:34.170
I find that students are habituated to going
to Google first and I go to Google a lot so

01:34.170 –> 01:35.479
I understand that.

01:35.479 –> 01:41.000
But, our library has a lot of specialized
resources that are available to them and the

01:41.000 –> 01:42.960
library has its own help desk.

01:42.960 –> 01:48.030
Another thing I’ve done for my students is
set up Materia widgets that they can use for

01:48.030 –> 01:52.840
study skills and I think because you don’t
always have them in your classes sometimes

01:52.840 –> 01:55.500
students don’t realize how helpful they can

01:55.500 –> 02:00.930
But I’ve set up numerous flashcard decks so
students can practice looking at Old English

02:00.930 –> 02:06.799
phonology or morphing types or clause types
or any of those things.

02:06.799 –> 02:12.110
I’ve also set up some games so I have a hangman
game that helps them learn the international

02:12.110 –> 02:13.810
phonetic alphabet.

02:13.810 –> 02:15.450
I have a crossword.

02:15.450 –> 02:17.299
I have a bunch of stuff there.

02:17.299 –> 02:23.530
So, I link to that from my class and I can’t
always tell if students have been there but

02:23.530 –> 02:28.430
I can tell if they have learned the material
and the students who have learned the material

02:28.430 –> 02:31.270
often say, “wow, those flashcards were a big

02:31.270 –> 02:36.610
So, there are two resources I would recommend
my students to be able to utilize to be successful

02:36.610 –> 02:38.360
in my online courses.

02:38.360 –> 02:42.220
The first would be the Student Tour that is
produced by the university to guide them through

02:42.220 –> 02:44.060
the online process.

02:44.060 –> 02:49.140
The second would be support for Webcourses,
which is also an online tool that you can

02:49.140 –> 02:52.340
easily click to and get the assistance you

02:52.340 –> 02:56.440
Bottom line though, the best resource that
you can have is your professor.

02:56.440 –> 02:59.230
We’re here to help you, all you have to do
is reach out.

02:59.230 –> 03:06.750
UCF has a variety of online resources that
can be accessed at any time, anywhere, within

03:06.750 –> 03:08.209
any context.

03:08.209 –> 03:13.579
All these resources are geared at ensuring
that you are successful in your online course.