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00:07.490 –> 00:12.060
It was just as hard taking an online class
as it would have been if I had taken that

00:12.060 –> 00:17.940
same class face-to-face. I thought it
would be really easy and it wasn’t.

00:18.750 –> 00:23.770
I was successful, and it was more of just
making sure that I reminded myself to

00:23.770 –> 00:27.770
keep checking the course and keep
up with everything because it’s really

00:27.770 –> 00:31.510
easy to fall behind in an online course
if you don’t take the initiative to be

00:31.510 –> 00:37.180
responsible about it. Mostly, I use my
phone to remind me of all kinds of things.

00:37.180 –> 00:40.800
I have my own calendar in there that I
use to keep track of when I need to be

00:40.800 –> 00:44.440
in class and where my classes are,
so it was just a matter of putting

00:44.440 –> 00:45.600
an extra event on there.

00:45.600 –> 00:48.860
“Oh, check this course online today,
make sure there’s nothing due.”

00:49.420 –> 00:54.770
One thing I wish I would have known before
taking my first online course was how to

00:54.770 –> 00:59.720
properly manage my time with an online
course because it’s very easy to forget

00:59.720 –> 01:03.480
you have that online course because
no one’s reminding you when to log in,

01:03.480 –> 01:05.860
no one’s telling you when your
assignments are due,

01:05.860 –> 01:09.630
and you have to be very proactive with
your coursework. I force myself to log in

01:09.630 –> 01:13.760
every day. I force myself to add all of my
coursework and assignments and exams

01:13.760 –> 01:18.790
to my personal calendar. And I just made
more of an effort to log in because the

01:18.790 –> 01:23.290
professors would send out messages or
reminders or announcements that either

01:23.290 –> 01:27.020
offered extra credit or offered more
information or extended a deadline,

01:27.020 –> 01:30.270
but had I not logged in, I wouldn’t
have known and been stressed out.

01:30.270 –> 01:31.800
So it just made it a lot easier.

01:31.800 –> 01:35.580
The best thing I like about taking online
classes at UCF is it makes you more

01:35.580 –> 01:41.840
responsible for your own time. What I try
to do is find 6 to 8 o’clock, let’s say,

01:41.840 –> 01:46.060
as if I’m going to campus to sit down in
front of my computer to manage my time

01:46.060 –> 01:50.480
better. It’s made me a better time
management type of person.

01:50.480 –> 01:54.260
Whereas before I would always tend to
wait sometimes to do the homework

01:54.260 –> 01:58.730
until the last minute, or knowing the
professors, now I’m held accountable where

01:58.730 –> 02:03.040
it’s the deadline. If it’s not posted by
that point in your online course,

02:03.040 –> 02:05.780
it shuts down and you’re out of luck.

02:05.780 –> 02:12.100
I definitely like the independence factor.
I know my learning style. I know what

02:12.100 –> 02:16.820
time of night I work the best. I know
what’s convenient for me, and I know

02:16.820 –> 02:19.540
I’m disciplined enough to do it.
That’s my favorite part,

02:19.540 –> 02:25.710
that it’s independent and I can
work it around my schedule.